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5x00 General discussions / one week with my 5600...
« on: May 27, 2004, 01:56:04 pm »
thank you for all you tips i use feed to install ipk it works no problems now and rotation work too thanks guys ...

but i still can\'t get Gaim work on 5600...its Gaim ever works on 5600? i tried zAIM but applet doesn\'t load

and i also need add a font type under lib/font/ or any way i can add font in 5600 as system font?

Thank you

5x00 General discussions / one week with my 5600...
« on: May 26, 2004, 05:36:57 pm »
Its been a week now with my 5600 (guess its about discontinued), Right now i,m sitting in union squre park new york city writting this post guess my sandisk wifi card works well
so far I like the Z .  Installed the some appz :

**gaim doesn,t work
**summvm doesn\'t work
**game boy NES emulator works use Zemu front end  works but odd hard ware botton
**konsole, pdfviwer,some applet,wifimonitor,just reader, all works
**rotation does\'t work
zstyle doesn,t work

so far i really wanna get gaim work install the all lib files no use any tips

and also i wanna add one font in Z how can i do it with out flash? can,t copy under to /lib/font/    I think is ROM section.....

some ipk file doesn,t show in install gui us konsole it say something about wrong gz format, any tips?

thank you advance

sharproms 1.32 speacial kenren

5x00 General discussions / Some Question about Zynergy5600 1.1 ROM
« on: May 24, 2004, 07:45:33 pm »
Yeah 5600 \'s screen is kind of dark comparing ipq and casio pocket pc, its seems smaller (I have to cut a bit screen protector film which is for pockt pc, to fit on it)still usble i guess ...
by the way i still haven\'t get my sharp media player and voice recorder works on Zynergy5600 , I think the previous mplayer and kino screw it up ....can\'t fig out guess have to  reflash the Zynergy5600 to beging then.  any tips? if i reflash theZynergy do i have to do the special kernel v1.3 again?

Thank you all for post.

5x00 General discussions / Some Question about Zynergy5600 1.1 ROM
« on: May 24, 2004, 12:34:44 pm »
ohoo ...I put back sharp-media_1.5.0_arm-withcodecs.ipk, its shows mp3 and mpeg file but unable to play...?! and my voice recoder doesn\'t seems to load now...
I installed the mplayer and kino before but won\'t work so i uninstalled that have left anything to confict with sharp media player?

thanks advance

SL-5600, Zynergy5600 ROM, special kernel v1.3
Sandisk CF Wifi
Sandisk 128 CF card

5x00 General discussions / Some Question about Zynergy5600 1.1 ROM
« on: May 24, 2004, 11:47:37 am »
Hi nixmeister
Thank you very much for you reply , I\'m so dump forgot leaeve space after cat /xxxxxx

Yes I got that special kernel v1.3 in myZ it shows in system info:
Linux Kernel
version: 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-emb
complied by ( colin@paravel )

I used your command line, it do install too ...great

is that line:
cd /mnt/cf/Documents/Install_Files
ipkg install kino2_0.22_arm.ipk
means will intall the ipk to internal flash or CF?

any software or game you been suesuss install on 5600?
try to get gameboy emulator working

once again thak you very much for you help

5x00 General discussions / Some Question about Zynergy5600 1.1 ROM
« on: May 24, 2004, 03:22:09 am »
Hi 1st of all great user group!
I \'m Pocket PC user before and decide to try new OS and get into Linux.
I just got a Sl 5600 last Friday and haven\'t sleep much this weekend, the more time i play with the Z the more stuff i discovered, so far it has been a great PDA ( one thing i wish to change is the screen, kind of outdated).

I have couple Questions need a help :
1. I update my rom to sharprom 1.32,  then flashed to Zynergy5600 1.1(which is great rom Love it) then I add the \"Special Kernel  \" 1.3, I used the Zynergy5600 1.1 with Special Kernel  \"zImage.bin\" file (which have to rename as \"zImage\") to flashed, in the end it says update suecssful ask me reset, which i did and also i did  format as according the Zynergy5600 1.1 steps.
Are these steps correct?
Do i need do format with Special Kernel  \" 1.3?
Do i have the \"Special Kernel \" 1.3 in my Z now ? ( haven\'t feel any speed different)

2.I do get my sandisk wifi card worked with Zynergy out of box, email, ftp, opera No problem  
But I notice that Zynergy can’t install any software use GUI its crash as the web site described, I try to us konsole to install it still don\'t do it
can any one show some example line i can use in terminal?
lets say I want to install \" kino2_0.22_arm.ipk\" which located in CF card

Do I just type

\"bash-2.05$ ipkg kino2_0.22_arm.ipk\"
And if I wan to uninstall something,  which command line is for uninstall?

and also I try to find my cpu infor
using the line:

\"bash-2.05$ /proc/cpuinfo\"
terminal respond as\" bash: /proc/cpuinfo: Permission denied\"

If I use \"bash-2.05$ cat/proc/cpuinfo\"
terminal respone as\" bash: /proc/cpuinfo: No such file or directory\"

I really want to keep using Zynergy5600 1.1 ROM and know very little about Linux
Please help

Thank you

Linux Z newbie

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