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iPAQ Forum / Oe For Mot. E680/i
« on: August 15, 2005, 01:28:20 pm »
thanks for the tip, i'll edit the post to correct it.

iPAQ Forum / Oe For Mot. E680/i
« on: August 14, 2005, 12:53:03 am »
Hey, I though that the e680i was built using the MontaVista embedded environemnt, and pretty much locked out until Motorola decided to give developers permissions?
that is correct.  however opie can be compiled against the same kernel as in the phone and, with the exception of some bugs (e.g. sound), it works fine, so i'd like to see this extended to as many packages as possible.  i've also been able to get Xqt built to work on the phone based on the bitbake build process.
Otherwise, applications developed  for the Zaurus would be a very close match with the e680i.

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Some arm-compiled apps can be taken from some zaurus/ipaq feeds and will run on the phone, but not all.  To make things completely compatable they have to be rebuilt w/ a soft-float enabled compiler.   Additionally, the qt-libs cannot be replaced on the phone w/o loosing the phone functionality (the kernel sources are available at source forge, but the source for the phone apps is not available).  To make opie (compiled against qt-2.3.10) and the native phone apps (based on qt-2.3.6, i think) the qt source has to be patched so that a proxy app can act as an intermediator (see [a href=\"][/url] )

now that there is a tested cross-compiling toolchain and the kernel source is available i am trying to specify these as ASSUME_PROVIDED in the bitbake conf files, and apply the patches to the qt source, but i don't have either a lot of experience w/ this or time to work on it.....

Linux Applications / How To Set A Dev Environment For Moto E680i
« on: July 29, 2005, 12:49:54 pm »
rpconnect, Thanks for your reply!!!

I'm trying the OPIE right now.
I find it hard to get Qt from Trolltech's ftp.
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If you want to try opie on the phone first go to: [a href=\"][/url].  There you can download a prepared opie image that will run on the phone to test it out.

I have found the easiest way to get the qt sutff is to do a google search for qt-embedded-2.3.10-free.tar.gz.  I just did a search for it and i think you can get it from  

have fun!

Linux Applications / How To Set A Dev Environment For Moto E680i
« on: July 27, 2005, 10:17:18 pm »
Do someone know how to set an environment for developing MOTO E680i Applications???

I've searched the Internet for a long time.
I just can find some pieces of information. It's not enough.
I've got some software like, xscale-gcc-vfp-3.3.2, qt-2.3.6, tmake-1.8.5.

Mostly, I follow this Build native application on E680. But it doesn't work.

Oh, I forget to tell that I use Cygwin.
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Have you tried the opie app development on [a href=\"][/url] ?  It does a very nice job of setting up a cross-compiler development and shows how to compile first qt-2.3.10 then opie to run on the e680.  The only problem w/ this setup is that opie apps are based on a different version of qt than the phone so by default they don't run too smoothly together.  This problem has been solved at the moto fanclub forum where a proxy environment handles the interfacing (touchscreen and key inputs) between opie an the native phone qt apps so that both can be running essentially at the same time regardless of the different versions of qt.

The moto fanclub forum can be found at but it is down right now.  When it comes back up check out the development section, there you will see a thread started by "cyph" who did the very nice job of developing the proxy and there is an opie package there along w/ the code for the proxy and patches needed to the qt-2.6.10 package to get things to work harmoniously.  In addition to opie I now have an X server running on the same package, and all of this stems from the opie app development at (so far the key seems to be that the cross-compiler described here correctly compiles w/ softfloat options, i have tried at least three other cross-compilers and just couldn't get the softfloat patching to work properly)

I have also played w/ qtopia compiled w/ and against qt-2.3.6 thinking that it might be closer to the phone environment (i think the phone qt version is 2.3.6), but the opie option is much better and works much more reliably.  

Also, the development description from the link you posted assumes you have access to the headers used by Motorola to compile their qt libraries (note that they are not by any means stock).  With the proper headers, and the right cross compiler, it is possible to develop for the e680, but we have noticed that the e680i is different enough that qt apps that work on the e680 aren't compatible w/ the e680i.

I've even tried to put together an OE-style environment to build apps using the e680 linux source (its available at sourceforge), but as of right now the opie w/ qt-2.3.10 and the proxy interface is by far the most stable environment.  There are still some bugs to work out (e.g. sound is buggy) but it has yielded the most reliable development that still works the native apps so that we don't have to give up the actual phone in the e680/i.

As far as I know, all the development thus far has been done on linux, if you want to do it on cygwin i'd suggest starting w/ the opie app dev. page and see if you can't build the cross-compiler; after that it shouldn't be too much of a problem.  If you have luck w/ this please let us know, i too would be interested in a Cygwin dev. environment.  Best of luck....

iPAQ Forum / Mipv6 Installation Error
« on: July 14, 2005, 08:25:58 pm »
I am trying a ipaq 3600 build (distro=familiar-0.8.0, machine=h3600) but when it gets to the install part of mipv6-1.1-v2.4.26 it fails with the following error: "gzip /usr/bin/gzip.gz  : permission denied".

I have tried to clean the package (bitbake mipv6.....  -c clean) and rebuild, as well as doing a new mt pull/update, but I keep getting the same error.

Can anyone suggest any possible fixes?  Has anyone else done a successful ipaq build recently and not run into any problems w/ the mipv6 build?  thanks....

iPAQ Forum / Oe For Mot. E680/i
« on: July 10, 2005, 05:01:03 pm »
i'm interested in creating an OE build environment for the motorola e680/i linux smart phone and could use some advice.

both the qt-2.3.10 and opie-1.2.0 packages can be built (from scratch, see and run (somewhat) successfully on the phone using linux-ipaq-g++ as the platform specification, and i have tested binaries from h3600 opie_rootfs images (e.g ssh) and they work, so I am hoping that an ipaq machine/distro based build should be a good start.

The problem is the kernel version: the kernel on the phone (2.4.20) cannot be replaced w/o loosing the phones functionality, but the ipaq images (in bz2 format) that i can find seem to be for more recent kernels and a lot doesn't work.

The phone's kernel source is available from sf and ideally I'd like to create a build environment that is based on ipaq settings but builds with the specified kernel sources.  Any advice would be most appreciated!

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