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C1000/3x00 General discussions / Mini-sd
« on: May 29, 2006, 12:11:24 am »
i tried a 1G mini-SD w/ adapter, but it failed to recognize the card as if i was using
a > 1G SD card. I updated the SD driver, now my Z can recognize > 1G SD card,
but still cannot recognize the mini-SD w/ adapter, same error message.


I have recently upgraded my C1000's kerenel to Tetsu v18a.  I did this for the sole purpose of getting MPPE support because according to Tetsu's site MPPE was supported.  I need MPPE because at the university that I go to use the wireless internet you must connect through their VPN.  The protocol that my school uses is PPTP w/ MPPE.

I have successfully connected to my school's VPN from my desktop using PPTP.  So my plan was to get MPPE working for Tetsu then just compile the latest version of pptp-linux for my zaurus and be up and running.  According to what I could make out from Tetsu's site, after installing the kernel I need to install both the kernel-modules_v18a_arm.ipk and then the mppe-modules_arm.ipk.
I did those two things but I got an error when I installed the kernel-modules_v18a_arm.ipk.  This is what I got:

Code: [Select]
Configuring kernel-modules...depmod: /lib/modules/2.4.20/modules.ieee1394map is not an ELF file
depmod: connot read ELF header from /lib/modules/2.4.20/modules.pnpbiosmap

I also get this error everytime i try to do a depmod -a

I have tried to modprobe mppe after installing everything, but it cannot locate it.  It is also not listed under lsmod.  Does anyone know what is wrong with what I am doing?  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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These error messages can be ignored, I guess it's the problem of depmod when it
couldn't detect the ELF header from a plaintext file.

If you have gotten the right modules, the module name should be ppp_mppe.o, and
you should add this to your /etc/modules.conf:
alias ppp-compress-18 ppp_mppe
and re-run depmod -a

Check /lib/modules/2.4.20/kernel/drivers/net and see if you have these two
ppp_*.o files.

As I could only find the ppp_mppe.o and ppp_deflate.o modules for 2.4.18, however,
my C3k is using 2.4.20, so I have compiled these two modules myself and it works,
at least the kernel module loaded.

Still trying to connect to the M$ pptp server using the MPPE patched pppd...  

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