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Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Oz 3.5.4 Rc Bug & Work-around List
« on: November 12, 2005, 01:02:45 am »
Why not from 3.5.3 feed?

Oh !  I see it now, I was searching for it in ../feed/games/ and I and no feeds for opie

Dont know if its a bug, but after I added 3.5.3 opie feed, I did an update and opie-kpacman wasn't there.  But I could install it from the console.  

task-* packages are created to allow easy installing of software (flashed bootstrap and want opie - install task-opie-base to get minimal and etc)

I just found out that if I remove the task-* packages, it does not delete the pakages in it, so now I can remove opie-citytime, for instance, without getting a dependency error message ( it only hang, and I had to reset  )

tOZ kernels for 5600 are for pxa250 machines. We would provide pxa255 kernel too with OZ 3.5.4 release - it will be marked as such.

Is the XScale cache bug workaround disabled ?  Can one cat "something" somewhere in /proc/ to enable/disable it ?

So far I find RC4 to be fairly usable.  But I can't talk for users with no knowledge of bash.  I've been using linux profesionaly for 6 years.  some googling of ipkg and I am on my own.

b.t.w. if theres anything I can do to help, tests or else, just ask, I'll be glad to do so

Thank you

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Oz 3.5.4 Rc Bug & Work-around List
« on: November 11, 2005, 01:23:50 pm »

Got an used SL-5600 last week from ebay and installed 3.5.4-RC couple days ago.
I am new to this so I cant tell if my reports on 4-RC are know bugs for wich there already exist workarounds.

Found bugs :

By holding the battery applet with the stylus the zaurus will hang most of the time.  Seems to happen only if I hold it too long.  It will switch to % or graphical display but then hangs.

Questions/recommendation :

In order to use WEP encription for wireless network, do I have to set the key to HEX on both the AP and the Z ?

Is it possble to map a button to rotate the screen ?  How ?

I've install kpacman from 3.5.1 from the feed ( some graphics glitch but very useable ) .  What would one do to create a script that would deactivate the home button before running kpacman and reactivate it once kpacman leaves.

May I suggest to get rid of the "task-*-*" package architecture.  That would provide finer control over installed application.  For exemple, in order to remove the citytime package, I would need to remove the task-opie-base-apps package

To help the new users, would it be possible to show a short message suggesting to run ipkg-link add  [package-name] if the -d option has been use ( ipkg-link mount /mnt/card/ does not work, or I did not use the right command ).

knights and phalanx works great on 3.5.4-RC, would be nice to have those apps that integrates well  in this release in the feeds lists.

feed .../3.5.3-snapshot/... is not a valid link.

If I do an ipkg upgrade, I get a message about libxine.  "Package libxine wants to install file /usr/lib/libxine..... but file is already provided by libxine1"

I have the pxa250 version, do I have to install another kernel or is the cache bug workaround disabled by default or do I have to enable by hand ?

This is a great site, community here is nice.  Keep up the good work !!!

Thank you

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