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Mac Issues / Sync with Mac OS X 10.2.7
« on: December 10, 2003, 04:53:09 am »
You should be able to sync with Address Book using this: (although I haven\'t tried it since the Panther upgrade yet)

zCal will synchronise iCal. However if you install KOrganizer on your Zaurus you can just export a calendar from iCal and copy the .ics file to ~/Applications/korganizer and rename it mycalendar.ics.

Hope that helps!


Admittedly this rom is not like a normal pda rom; it\'s an awful lot more than that. But I\'m not sure that means pda functions should be ignored. The X11 rom is cool in that it\'s more than a pda rom in the same way that the Zaurus is more than a pda. But still, the Zaurus is a tiny thing and it\'s made to be carried around with you so it\'s just a useful place to have your address book and calendar.

Although you\'re clearly aiming pretty high with this rom, it would be awesome if the basic and useful pda applications could be maintained along with all the other fun stuff. How difficult would it be to get KOrganizer/Embedded running on there? That would do the calendar part admirably. Do you think there could be a list for applications in general people would like in the final release?

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