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PocketPenguin / Intro & Faq
« on: May 12, 2007, 05:06:06 am »
Hi everyone,

As u seen, I am new in here. When I dug the old posts, I am quite confuse for the spec of pocketpengium and hence I summarize it and ask for validation:

LCD: 5" 16(15?):9 transflextive (touchscreen?) slide-like, not tweak model like Cxx00
keyboard: prison5-like
USB: 2 full size full power host-client usb port
CF: no
ethernet: use usb-ethernet
audio: usb-audio
CPU: freescale
Ram: 128Mb
Storage: ??
power: ~3.xV
Battery: Nokia battery put into serial for swapping
shape: clame shell like, 2 parts link by connector.. Upper part only contain a CPU, Ram, LCD and a battery. THe lower part contains I/O, keyboard and batteries.
built-in wifi, bluetooth, camera

Just let you know My personal pocketpengium usage objective:
1) Notetaking (for science classes which need to draw a lot charts and diagrams)
2) ebook reader for a long while
3) programming and research platform
4) (VNC terminal to) my desktop ^^
5) simple PIM stuff
6) dictionary
7) Handy Calc
8) never mp3 player and phone, but may be GSM
So power is very important for me....

I also have some suggestions and questions too,. Since the topic are board, I don't seperate them into different thread which is hard to trace. BTW, I don't have electronic background and low level background, plz don't bind if I raise some stupid idea. :)>

1) If we have so much built-in thing, can we cut the power for them to safe the power? I heard about the Cxx00's wifi of CF is a power monster.
2) Can the device set to "bypass" the battery when charger is used so the batteries won't hurt?
3) Is there anyway to use PSP's 5V external batteries? Those batteries are really cheap now....
4) I suggest to have 1 or 2 SOny Clie's "jog dial" like "gear"? It sounds crazy, but it is very useful for small screen device, especially for tasks like note-taking, drawing and web browsing.
5) If someone still think keyboard is too small, maybe we can try the IBM thinkpad's butterfly like keyboard.
6) But if we don't use cxx00 size keyboard, are there anyway to use keyboard without a table? It would be cool to play w/ my pocketpengium in a long line or inside public transport and watch the others carry a heavy M$ laptop which ran out of power.

Sorry for my long post :)>

Finally, I am not pushing, but when is the pocketpengium device come out?? I want it deadly........ What about this summer??

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