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Sharp ROMs / SL 5500 TCK ROM 2.0 Aplha 3 with Home on SD script
« on: March 22, 2004, 11:27:26 am »
Well, about the async kernel,I have the same trouble but with my modem, this is the issues:
1) My Targus Pocket Modem 56k v.90 works fine with others roms but with the async it had the same bug, I made the settings but no connections icon appears, only appears the icon if I made an IR dialup connection BUT in that case, DONT appears the modem connection and only appears the IR Dialup connection.
2) The IR dialup connection works fine, so, please maintain it working when fix the other connections issues.

But, all around the async kernel with home on sd are GREAT!...  so, thanks very much to all the good people that are making it working!

Best regards!

5x00 General discussions / dead battery or dead zaurus?
« on: March 21, 2004, 03:12:01 am »
Well, hope that this first aid could help...
1) First remove the Z from the craddle or remove the adapter plug from the Z, switch the lacth and remove the battery cover, remove the battery from the Z, and then MAINTAIN PRESSED THE reset inside the battery bay for at least 15 seconds with the stylus (with care), with this you could try to force a total internal reset of the Z, then reinstall the battery, press one touch on the reset button again,  put the cover and flip the switch,  then connect the adapter and the plug directly to the Z, and press ON....  Good luck!

2) If the above didnt work remove the battery, press reset for 20 seconds and the leave the Z  for 24 hours witout battery and without the adapter, then mount the battery,press one touch on reset,put cover,flip switch and ON again...

3) You could test the battery with a voltmeter, and the posibility that the battery discharge at a point that damage itself I didnt believe, and always in that case,I doubt that your Z is damaged.... but may be posible that your Z expect a Battery good inside to turn on,but at last case,get out the battery,press reset again, and then put the cover without battery, flip the switch and then test the Z with the adapter only...

Best regards and good luck!

5x00 General discussions / Back to 5500 sync probs
« on: March 16, 2004, 05:37:58 pm »
hummm... I have the same trouble... in my case, I would like to sync mail with some mail client on a linux box... I have the feeling that the old 2.38 mail app could be made sync with some mail prog under linux because the use of xml format, but by now, only for start, I have no idea of what  linux progs coul be used....  I feel some sort of  sadness that a beatifull little machine that run linux could not have a (IMHO) relative simple  task like a decent sync of pim & mail  data  and the worst is that we (as a comunnity) didnt feel some shame that after years since the launch of the great Zs... we still try & suffer to use Outlook to sync the greatest coolest Linux PDA until Today (little ironic no?    ) but, we didnt have a way to do that with linux boxes...  anyway, everyday I surprise about the apps that are available but nothing about this issue and sadly Im not developer, so my efforts are very short for solving this....

Sometimes I think if  Konkeror was ported to Qtopia (i suspect because that are a relationship between KDE and Qtopia), so I wonder If KMAIL could be ported to Qtopia and if that could be done, If KMail could be sync with a Kmail on a linux box?...

As a little help that I could offer, I  agree with lardman, if you didnt want to have troubles,may be better start the debugging sync by means of  USB cradddle conection (I remenber taht with USB the 2.38 works fine with Outlook 2000, but DONT waste your time trying to use other version of outlook because is almost for sure that It didnt work (Oultlook 2003 is sure that Dont Work! Surprise! ...appears that M$ change the code of the sync progs of outlook in order to get the people to buy new versions of the respective sync softwares...:x  , but the outlook 2k would be fine)....

About  sync mail with Linux,  any good soul could have some tip...  

Best regards and  good patience!  

Sharp ROMs / SL 5500 TCK ROM 2.0 Aplha 3 with Home on SD script
« on: March 15, 2004, 05:18:00 pm »
Hello revdjenk!

Here is the link that you ask...

Im trying it by now, but is unsatble, after a reset, the filesystem crash, in had my Z5500 on stand by in hope that the fix for this unstable behavoir could be found....  Sadly,  I cant help toomuch because Im not a programer...

Best regards and luck!


Sharp ROMs / SL-5500 with no gui
« on: February 08, 2004, 10:34:39 pm »
If may this helpyou, do the following...
1) Download a ROM,  the Proto\'s TKC rom 1.0 is one that is may be the best available(?) (are around 11 flavors...), anyway is nice and stable. use this link:

2) Unpack the files and put then in a compact flash memory card (you need a minimun size, one of 32mb is very fine if is borrowed, but if you buy it,try to get a largest one, because will be very helpfull with your Z)

3) In the file are the instructions to follow, but in short, put the card, toggle the back switch, remove the battery cover (dont remove the battery), plug your ac adapter to your Z, and pres at the same time the letters C and D and the Reset button inside the battery bay.  If all is fine  the red and green lights turn on and remains on for 3 to 6 minutes...

4)  After they turn off, press the reset button again, put the battery cover and turn on your Z... the rest of the install process is automatic.


Good luck and Happy Flashing!

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