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Android / Google Android Installable Image Available!
« on: January 14, 2008, 07:22:14 pm »
HI Cortez,

That's awesome. I have been having a lot of issues trying to get Angstrom to build correctly (toolchain).

This is a nice alternative. Now, my question is what do I have to do to get this working on older Zaurus with no
"microdrive". The install script looks for a microdrive and exits. I have an SL-C750 with a 256 MB SD card and a
2GB CF card.

Any help will be appreciated.



Quote from: cortez

For the time being posted here in "General Discussion" since there is no dedicated Android subforum (yet). Tested on my SL-C3100, this is a small bootable Poky 2.6.23 kernel with a copy of the Android OS from the SDK (qemu) emulator.

Installation is done in the usual way:

1. Download zImage.bin,, gnu-tar and android-root.tar.gz and copy the files to a SD card
2. Remove battery and power adapter cable
3. Wait for 5 seconds
4. Replace battery, close and lock battery cover
5. Attach power adapter cable
6. Keep OK button pressed while pressing on/off switch
7. From the Japanese menu, choose option 4 (Update), then 2 (SD) and finally Y

Flashing starts, and you are asked if you want to flash the kernel, if you want the microdrive to be formatted and if you want the root filesystem to be installed.
Accept all questions answering them with y

After flashing is complete, the machine is rebooted. Login with root and type /start to start Android.
This is the basic version, without any of the patches found across the Net.

Have fun, and share your results and findings here please!

Updated: There is a special version for the SL-C1000. Downloads and instructions can be found at


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