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C1000/3x00 Hardware / Sharpc3100 Or Nokia N810?
« on: August 06, 2009, 05:56:12 pm »
Seeing as I'm the potential seller this may be biased but my two cents are valid as I've owned both of them.

Quote from: utx
Cons: Much worse keyboard (one row less, when pressin upper row, your fingers touch the top part edge).
This was a HUGE problem for me. It's actually been a turn off to me for most sliders in general. The Aigo and the Sony Mylo also suffered a little from this problem, but on the N810 it was terrible.

In terms of productivity, I could do just about anything on the Zaurus, but the N810 only got use if I wanted to check email.

Having large storage space available in the Zaurus is a great feature, even more so when you consider modding with a larger CF card in place of the microdrive. I have done this on a Z3200 and have a 16GB card there. The N810 has 2gb (I think?) internal storage, though expansion via mini sd (ugh) is possible.

For Sale / Wanted / Wtb: Sl-c3100
« on: August 06, 2009, 04:51:08 pm »
Quote from: Cyberdoc1971
Quote from: teh.sean
How much are you wanting to pay?
Around $300 with the basic accessories, but I also need a case and a wi-fi card at least.

I have a very nice condition SL-C3100 with a Planex CF wifi card, power adapter, and soft case.
The Zaurus comes with a stylus and screen protector installed.

How does $300 shipping included sound?
I would ship USPS with insurance (insured for $280) + Signature confirmation with restricted delivery. Restricted delivery basically means that you personally must provide ID and sign for the package. I would provide you with the insurance form number if any issues occured and you needed to file an insurance claim on damaged packages.  How does that sound?

For Sale / Wanted / Wtb: Sl-c3100
« on: August 04, 2009, 09:39:37 pm »
How much are you wanting to pay?

5x00 General discussions / Lost My Sharp Rom For 5600
« on: July 30, 2009, 02:26:11 pm »
Quote from: mlewis
I changed ROMs and now want to go back to the original Sharp ROM for my SL-5600. Problem is - I can't find it! Any idea where I can get it? I'm dead in the water. Not supposed to, but cross posted this to:  Distro Support and Discussion > Sharp ROMs.  Shows you how hard up I am. not working?

For Sale / Wanted / For Sale, Sl-c3100 , Sl-5500, Cfxga Video Card
« on: July 11, 2009, 06:01:20 pm »
I'm cleaning out my apartment and some of the gadgetry must go.

I'm hoping someone will bite on this in the next few days, if not, they'll go to eBay.

1. SL-C3100 with accessories
- Planex GW-CF11X, CF wifi card, works with Cacko 1.23
- CaseLogic hard drive soft case, fits the Z perfectly with a pouch for the wifi card
- Sharp power adapter (US plug, 100-240V input, 5V 2A out)

The 3100 is in very nice shape. Comes with stylus, screen protector installed and no nasty scratches. This was my backup machine, so it didn't see any day to day use. I'm asking $250.

2. SL-5500 with accessories
- Symbol LA4137 CF wifi card, works with OZ 3.5.4
- Docking station
- Extra battery
- 1 GB SD card (has OZ on it right now)
- Sharp CE-AG06 CF camera (haven't tested this in OZ, but it worked with Sharp ROM)

The SL-5500 is working well, but is a little beat up. No screen cover (stick on or the plastic cover), but it does come with stylus and the IO port cover. I don't have a spare power supply for this, but any PSP power supply will work. Scratches and discoloration on the case, but nothing distracting. Looking to get $50, with the accessories it's probably worth more, and I'd probably list it for more on feebay.

This is basically the same as how I got it. I used it for a little bit but it did not work out for me (by no fault of it's own, it's fully working). Just wasn't performing for the application I wanted it for. You can see a pic of it here: .
I paid $70, and that's what I'm asking for it. We'll call it 'borrowing from the collective'.

For all of these, I will ship worldwide. Buyer pays for shipping. I prefer shipping USPS, but will ship however the buyer prefers. Paypal is preferred.
You can reach me at gmail, same as my user name here.

For Sale / Wanted / Found: Picsel Browser For Zaurus
« on: April 26, 2009, 10:19:03 am »
All this talk about SD card distributed software makes me think about the new Nintendo DSi. I imagine that once Nintendo starts releasing DSi only software on SD there will be a lot more eyes on Panasonic's encryption. Oh well, time will tell!

You may have to wait a while yet holovector!

General Discussion / Umid M1
« on: April 23, 2009, 01:56:41 pm »
I was pleasantly suprised by a knock on my door and a postman with a package from Korea! I have received the UMID M1 MBOOK and must say it is absolutely TINY though not as small as a Zaurus.

Looks like the ebay seller loaded XP on a normally Linux based UMID, as I have a registration card / serial number for Hancom Linux on the machine.

I'll play aronud with the thing this weekend, and see what it will take to reload Hancom as well as XP going back on it, etc.

General Discussion / Umid M1
« on: April 20, 2009, 02:29:16 pm »
Quote from: speculatrix
definitely very very interested in hearing how it runs linux. I didn't even know you could buy them. Where did you buy it? Did you get one with the 3G option, I'd definitely want that*

I actually picked it up off of ebay, but I've heard people have been picking them up from gmarket. Interestingly enough, gmarket is like the Korea equivalent of eBay, insomuchas ebay is moving to purchase them. Unfortunately I don't believe the 3G option is available yet, they are estimating that to be later in the year AFAIK. I have a USB 3G Modem from work so for me this is not really a deal breaker. From what I've heard, the traces are there for all the hardware on the board but it's just not on it. PCI-E traces there but no connector, etc, etc.

Quote from: speculatrix
I'd not be interested in keeping windows other than a stripped install purely to run firefox to download drivers etc to get linux going (which is what I do with any laptop I get).

The version I purchased comes with XP loaded but it is my fear that it a shade tree version as the auction claimed 'No CD no COS'. Again, not a big deal as there's always Linux and I can reload XP if necessary. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm sure I'll have to repartition the HD and reinstall anyway, so I'll just test out some Linuxes / BSDs on there anyway. I'll keep you in the loop where I get.

Quote from: speculatrix
* I just switched to Hutchison 3G ("Three") in the UK for my mobile service as I can buy a day's internet access (120MB limit for £0.50 i.e. about 85 cents) if I want, whereas my old service Virgin Mobile prices were rapacious for data charges!
Well, 120MB goes quickly on 3G. I know I can burn through a gig or so in a day just doing casual saturday (sfw mind you!) surfing. Round here in the States I believe you can get unlimited data plans for around US $80 to $100 a month, at this cost it becomes more feasible as your only communication based service fee. If I didn't need to have a dedicated home internet connection, I would seriously consider getting a data plan and just using it anywhere I go.

Quote from: speculatrix
sorry to bombard with questions, eager to hear good news. I'm bored with my nokia tablet now, without a keyboard it just doesn't have the utility of the Z.


Agreed with the Nokia, and I have the 810! I'm about to unload it and a slew of other stuff. If the UMid works out as a decent portable desktop with nice battery life (one of my big gripes with the Everun Note I had), then I think I'll be ready to shed all my other niche gadgets.

But I'll always keep the Zaurus! It holds a place near and dear to my heart. : )

General Discussion / Umid M1
« on: April 19, 2009, 10:05:01 am »
I just ponied up and bought one. So I'll let you guys know what it's like when I get it.

Standby battery life, time to suspend / resume / hibernate and keyboard / touchscreen quality are my primary concerns with the device. Being spoiled by the Z's 'always on' capabilities, and great screen and thumbboard, it will be interesting how the UMID compares.

The one I bought has XP on it. I may try to load Linux if I can find a forum / site with some good headway on doing so. I think UMID may have their distro available for DL but I haven't checked yet. I'm sure people would want to see something like Ubuntu or Debian on the thing instead of whatever custom Linux OS UMID has cooked up.

If anyone else has picked one of these up, let me know!

New products and alternatives / Zipit Z2 Wireless Messenger
« on: April 02, 2009, 08:20:24 pm »
So I stumbled on this little device, and it looks very interesting. A wifi enabled Instant Messaging device. Supposedly there's a contract involved to use the service but I'm sure this can be avoided with custom software.
I admit I"m a little slow on the uptake, this has been out for a while now.

300Mhz Xscale processor
320x240 QVGA display
qwerty thumbboard
built in 802.11 b/g support
32mb RAM
8mb boot RAM
Mini SD (SDHC) slot -up to 8GB capacity reported
1000mAh battery

all this at $49 bucks retail!

At this price I bought a couple of them and won't worry about them being lost / stolen / broken, etc. A disposable 'in my pocket' device. Unlike the Zaurus. It's like my baby.

I believe development for these is done in OE, so I figure there's gotta be some folks from the Angstrom boards that have tried this out. Anyone with recommendations? How capable is this device? I'm not looking for Zaurus killer, but being able to web browse / PIM / take notes / emulate NES would be pretty awesome.

With the platform similarities, it might even be capable to get a favorite like Cacko running on the thing!

For Sale / Wanted / For Sale: Cfxga Card
« on: March 19, 2009, 10:37:39 am »
PM'd you, I'm interested.

Software / Gnu Robbo 0.62 Zaurus Sharp Rom Ipk Released
« on: March 19, 2009, 10:36:16 am »
wow, it's awesome to see people still doing stuff for the z like this. Way to go and thanks greenknight! I'll have to try this out later.

Fast forward on the NOTE: Build quality on these units is not that good. I owned two, one of them is plagued with little issues here and there. I had a power supply that died on me after VERY LIGHT use. The webcam stopped working. It seems like there are lots of stories from other users like this.

The Fujitsu u810's kb has arrows keys accessible by pressing the FUNCTION BUTTON. Tab is FN+SPACE. That was what made me not like the machine.

As it stands right now, I need to send in the NOTE for repair under warranty, so I'll be using the Z more anyways!

And Linux support on the NOTE is not that good. Actually, it's pretty much driven by the community. I don't think RAON has made any attempts to push this.

For Sale / Wanted / Zaurus 5600 For Sale
« on: March 17, 2009, 09:38:13 am »

What do they come with? Charger, dock, cables, etc?
How is battery life?
What condition are they in? Pictures help a lot.

I would be interested in 1 or 2 of them.

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