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Cxx0 General discussions / c860, initial questions.
« on: April 01, 2004, 09:40:24 am »
ok, i got a c860 from

it comes with an english rom and the opie-embeddedkonsole console which works better then the standard one.  it has some shell scripts to move the fixed font in and out, but i just copied it in and left it.  i assume it affects hancom word or apps like that.  i\'m pretty much a console person - the netfront web browser being about the only useful gui app for me.

so with that in mind, i\'m curious about the following things:

how do i get a control key?  \"cancel\" is escape.  fn+shift+ < or > give me { or }.  and the arrow keys work fine (though the fact that they change orientation with the screen was kinda tricky).  can i remap those two japanese keys?

is there a decent, stable x11 system i(\"rom\"?) for the c860?  i tend to be an x bigot, and i miss things like xev and xmodmap.

native dev tools.  i snarfed the dev tools on, but i get invalid binary format when i run them.

is there a site that describes the boot steps for a zaurus?  i have a good feeling for the unix/linux boot process on x86 and sparc, i\'d like that feeling for this too.

thanks for any help.

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