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General Discussion / OZ why cant I see the attraction?
« on: January 29, 2004, 10:43:50 pm »
I agree totally.  I\'ve tried OZ on numerous occasions and I just can\'t get it to work \"right\".  It always seems to be in flux and the apps I need (Hancom in particular) are very hit or miss.  I need my \"mobile tool\" to work, not something to be tinkered with constantly.

Georgia / GA Zaurus Users
« on: June 01, 2003, 06:45:07 pm »
I\'ve yet to go to a Linux specific user group. I used to belong to a more general \"alternative OS\" user group in Warner Robins, GA. Some of the guys were in the Air Force and moved, so the group sort of deteriorated.

I know one other Zaurus user (5600) and she lives in Athens, I live in Macon. It would be cool to get a little get together planned and play around with the Zaurii.

I don\'t have a wireless card for mine, but I\'d really like to see one in action. I\'m still on dial up so it really hasn\'t been a pressing issue for me to go wireless with anything.

Do you use your Z for work?  I don\'t, except for keeping Excel and Word docs for references.  I\'d really like to see what the Z can do in an enterprise environment, not just as a geek toy.

Georgia / Welcome
« on: May 24, 2003, 02:06:40 pm »
If you own a Zaurus and live in the peach state, this is the place for you.  

I own an SL-5500 and I am constantly amazed by what it can do.  With the addition or the 3.10 ROM, this PMT has become a very worthy replacement to the Palm OS PDAs I\'ve owned.  

I have been very impressed with the friendliness and willingness to help in the small section of the Zaurus community that I\'ve experienced thus far.  I am looking forward to forging friendships with new people and fostering friendships with others that I already know.

Welcome to the Georgia ZUG.

Would you please add a Georgia user group?


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