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General Discussion / Battery or recharge circuit problem - C860
« on: July 27, 2004, 01:55:28 pm »
...the multimeter shows that the battery charges to 4.2v quite quickly with my 5.1v, 2.5amp AC>DC charger.
I would be careful charging the battery with such a high current - you may well shorten its life considerably.

Very interesting deductions going on on this thread!

Zaurus - pdaXrom / pdaXrom 1.0.5 progress report
« on: July 27, 2004, 12:49:20 pm »
You may know this already, but you won't be able to plug a USB mouse into the Z without first sacrificing the CF slot and some money to a USB master adaptor - the Z is a USB slave device, like a mouse  

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Crash!
« on: July 27, 2004, 12:37:11 pm »
D'oh!  I don't know why I don't have a menu.  The icons on the background seem to have the stuff in them.  I get the following problems reported by startx:

"xauth: (stdin):1: bad "add" command line" - this occurs twice, each time after it tries to create an authority file (which it does, in all, four times).

"Could not init font path element /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/100dpi/, removing from list!" - I'm missing a font then?

"cat: /home/root/.Xauthority: No such file or directory" - after all that effort to create one?

Various warning about function keys not existing.  I'm surprised nobody altered it to stop it trying to bind things to function keys!

(mb-applet-volume:619): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to add a widget with type GtkVbox to a GtkWindow, but as a GtkBin subclass a GtkWindow can only contain one widget at a time; it already contains a widget of type GtkVScale" - could this be it?

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Crash!
« on: July 27, 2004, 11:55:51 am »
Thank you!  Now I'm rebooted, but I notice I've messed up a config file so I don't get a menu icon on the panel.  Will have to poke around to see what I've buggered up.  

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Crash!
« on: July 27, 2004, 10:44:46 am »
Oh dear.  Turned on my 860 today (the last time it was on it was connected to my laptop's USB port, if that is of significance) and I couldn't alt-tab or ctrl-alt-arrow between desktops.  I could select different windows with the stylus, and pressing Menu changed the pointer to the right-click symbol.  I could also type into terminals.  Closed down everything on the visible desktop apart from one terminal.  Then rotated the display, which worked.  Rotated it back again, which worked.  But now nothing works except the pointer and the power switch/key.  ctrl-alt-backspace does nothing.  The display stays on when I close the lid.  It doesn't come on if I hold down OK when pressing the power button.

What do I do next?  

Zaurus - pdaXrom / switching desktops
« on: June 24, 2004, 06:09:08 pm »
Bingo!  That's it.  Thank you.   Is there any documentation anywhere that reveals such secret gems?

Zaurus - pdaXrom / HOW TO: Brightness Buttons
« on: June 23, 2004, 04:35:33 pm »
Brilliant.  Thanks for the quick reply.  I'll play with it when I get home.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / switching desktops
« on: June 23, 2004, 02:50:26 pm »
Hello.  I notice that Matchbox has two desktops.  How do you switch between them please?  The only way I can find is to move an app onto the other desktop, and then tap on its icon in Active Tasks.


Cxx0 General discussions / Swivel Joint on SL-C860
« on: June 23, 2004, 01:59:34 pm »
I can imagine that they haven't provided a 90 degree locking position because one particular angle is not very useful to lock the screen in with such a small device.  At least with a laptop the screen is in front of you; with the Zaurus you're nearly above it.

I would have thought that the things to worry about would be maximum volume without noticeable distortion (but bear in mind that something in headphones is 10-15dB louder for the same perceived volume as something from loudspeakers, so you can easily fry your ears if you use headphones regularly - 15dB louder is 30 times the power), and extraneous noise at low volumes caused by breakthrough from the digital circuitry, which may well depend on what it's doing and whether the backlight is on.

If these are OK, the main nasties are going to be the inevitable compression artifacts.

I have just got an 860 sent from Japan and it's fine so far with a £10 switching plug-in power supply, rated at 1 amp, switchable output voltage set to 5V.  I have heard that the 100V power supply is not even happy on 110V in the US, but it is also a switcher so its output is regulated to 5V if it works at all (a lot of people are confused about this and assume that the output voltage depends on the input voltage).

Zaurus - pdaXrom / HOW TO: Brightness Buttons
« on: June 23, 2004, 12:28:50 pm »
Binary and source attached.
Hey, this looks really nice, but where exactly do I find the code?  Sorry if it's a dumb question, but I'm new!

I stumbled across this thread while looking for references to the "backlight" application behaviour.  When the backlight switches off, so do updates to the display.  I wrote a Perl script which increments a variable once per second and prints it out.  When the backlight switches off, the variable still increments but nothing prints out.  Is this intentional?

It would also be nice to make the home key suspend, perhaps in combination with shift or something to prevent it being hit accidentally.  I seem to remember this is a bit like how the Psion 3a worked!  And opening the clamshell doesn't switch on the machine.

UK / Welcome to UK users
« on: June 22, 2004, 01:18:16 pm »
Hello people.  New owner of an 860 here, in S London.

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