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6000 - Tosa / SD and CF memory Questions
« on: July 04, 2004, 01:12:34 pm »
After many hours of surfing, searching, more surfing, more searching etc.  

I decided to consult the Zug_Oracle for advice.  Below are various links and list to what I think is some good prices / list of available memory.  Note, I am aware of pretec but quite frankly, couldn't find a place to buy them and even though 12G of CF/SD memory is desirable, the 10,000 USD price tag is not.

Out of the major brands, Sandisk, Lexar, Transcend, Viking, PNY and Kingston are any of them know to NOT work with the 6KL?

Are any of them know to be poor quality?

I am interested in keeping the memory in the SD slot, looking at the list I composed below the most interesting options are the 1G SD cards, and the 512MB San Disk ultra II.

My knee jerk reaction is the higher speed cards, either the 1GB Lexar for 303 or the 512MG cards for the 140 price range (Sandisk and Lexar), are worth it.  Input?

Thanks for your help.

Oh yeah new 6KL owner, if ya couldn't tell. /wave

The Research:
SD decending by price

CF decending by price

note, zipzoomfly use to be googlegear, I guess they got in trouble with that name and had to change. =)

For those of you who don't want to click  Here is "my version" of the options

1GB - Lexar 32x - 303 USD
1GB - Sandisk - 253 USD
1GB - Transcend - 236 USD
512MB - Sandisk Ultra II - 139 USD
512MB - Lexar 32x - 138 USD
512MB - Lexar - 110 USD
512MB - Viking - 110 (at amazon)
512MB - Transcend - 106 USD
512MB - Kingston - 101 USD
512MB - Sandisk - 98 USD

2GB - Lexar 40x Pro - 428 USD
2GB - Sandisk - 293 USD
1GB - Lexar 80x Pro -  210 USD
1GB - Sandisk Ultra II - 208 USD
1GB - Lexar 40x Pro - 189 USD
1GB - Transcend - 170 USD
1GB - Lexar 4x - 164 USD
1GB - Sandisk - 149 USD
1GB - Kingston - 145 USD
1GB - Viking - ???

Note, I only list "##x" on the Lexar for comparision between the flavors of Lexar cards, from my understand each manufacture has there own version of "##x" and using those numbers to compare cards from various manufactures is pointless.

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