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C1000/3x00 General discussions / How Long Should I Let My C3100 Charge For
« on: November 29, 2005, 01:58:07 pm »

DHL just delivered my C3100 and I after ogling  over every nook and cranny for about a half of an hour I opened the batt bay and inserted the battery.

How long should it be let to charge before I crank her up for the first time?

Also, is there an internal battery switch that needs to be flipped on when you first unpack it?  My SL-6000 has one (I guess it's similar to a motherboards cmos battery) but I didn't see anyone anywhere in or around the battery compartment.  All I saw was the reset button and the switch that locks the battery compartment cover.

Since I'm talking about batteries anyway is the EA-BL11 the only battery that you can use with this model?  It seems to be the exact physical dimensions of the EA-BL08, (which can be had for about $25 each from Amazon unless they have run out.)  But I certainly would like to know for sure so that I don't ruin my beautiful new toy.

As always thanks folks!,


Accessories / How Do Update The Pretec Cf Oc-wlbxx-a Card?
« on: November 29, 2005, 01:08:50 pm »
Hey guys,

I've had two of these cards, Pretec Model: OC-WLBXX-A CompactWLAN cards for over a year. I originally bought them off the HSN while they had them on sale.  I was discouraged to find that I was unable to get them to work with my two kids SL-5500's. (I was and still am using the original Crow ROM for their 5500's and support for them was not built in, and at the time my Zaurus/Linux knowledge was still in it's infancy.) Soon thereafter I got myself a SL-6000L and didn't need to use them since it had built-in WiFi already.  So I did the right thing, I purchased two D-Link DCF-660W cards for the kids and put the Pretec cards back in their factory boxes and put them on the shelf meaning to Ebay them or give them to friends that may need them later on.  I then promptly forgot they existed.

Recently I just purchased a C3100 and was faced with needing a new wireless card and remembered them and dusted them off and got them back out.  After a quick search I found out what file to edit etc. to make them work in my daughter's 5500's and now they work like a champ.

While reading through the search results I found out several things. First they are one of the best cards that can be used when considering battery life and signal range (especially if you have a strong connection and are near the AP.) Secondly they are built on the Prism2.5 chipset. Thirdly that everyone recommends "updating the firmware" and using the hostapi drivers.

Over the years I've flashed everything from soup to nuts, CD-RW drives, Video Cards, Motherboards, Sound Cards, etc. etc. etc.  Usually you need a program that can be found on the manufacturers website specifically for that purpose and away-you-go. However I can find no such file of ANY kind related to firmware upgrades for these cards!

So my questions are:

How do I go about updating the firmware on these cards?

Where do I find the program or whatever I need as well as the new flash code etc. to update them?

How do I "use" or "install" the hostapi drivers once I get that done?  (Don't forget the only reason I was able to finally get them working at ALL on the 5500's was that someone had left letter-by-letter detailed instructions for others to follow. I'm stubborn and usually overcome problems out of sheer determination but I'll be the first to admit I'm not too savvy.)

Also exactly what are the benefits to doing all this?  Other posters seem to infer that it may give performance benefits - do they mean connection speed or better battery life? Some hint that it just improves security issues such as WEP encryption but they almost all apparently assume the reader knows enuf to understand. Unfortunately to my dismay I'm obviously one of those ppl who doesn't know enuf....yet.

Last question- can anyone tell me if this card works "out of the box" with Cacko on a C3100?  And if so is there really any point to me updating them at all?

Thanks a billion folks, I value your time and am appreciative that you're willing to spend some of it sharing your knowledge with me!

Take Care,

I'm curious about what all the fuss is concerning Tetsu's kernel. I've searched till my fingers warped but about all I can truly understand is that Tetsu's kernel allows the C3100 to be over/underclocked. I've translated the Tetsu page with every translater I know of and it still doesn't make much sence to me. Japanese just doesn't translate well at all with the auto-translaters.

Does the latest Tetsu kernel release break anything with the latest Cacko?

Does the Tetsu kernel work with pdaXrom? If so does it break anything there?

What benefits are there other than the over/underclocking capability?

Does pdaXrom or Cacko offer any over/underclocking at all whatsoever right now?

Thanks all, I'm veeeeery slowly coming up to speed on C3100 specific issues.


Cxx0 General discussions / Oops Wrong Forum, My Apologies!
« on: November 28, 2005, 02:38:03 am »
Sorry all, wasn't looking close enuf and posted in the CXX0 forum rather than the CXX00 forum. =(

It trips me up constantly.

C1000/3x00 Hardware / Is The Case Of The C3100 "factory Sealed"?
« on: November 27, 2005, 12:07:51 pm »
Hey All,

Is there an anti-tamper device of any sort on the C3100?  I VERY much want to switch out the stock 4gb hitachi microdrive for a retail version 6gb hitachi microdrive when it arrives.  However I'm not so eager as to want to void my warranty in a visible way.  My SL-6000L had no such device, and I'm hoping that is the way it is on the C3100 also.  

IF I decide to do this I plan on taking the original factory 4g hdd and sealing it in an anti-static bag and storing it in a quiet comfy safe spot until my warranty expires. That way if something bad happens and I need to return it for warranty work I can reinstall the 4gb hdd and send it back with no worries.  But it's all riding on whether there is an anti-tamper device or not.

Thanks in Advance!,


C1000/3x00 General discussions / Nevermind- Found A Thread That Sufficed.
« on: November 27, 2005, 11:27:43 am »
I found what I needed in another thread.  No clue whatsoever as to how I missed finding it in my previous searches.

For Sale / Wanted / No The 6000 On Ebay Is Not Mine!
« on: November 25, 2005, 03:41:33 pm »
First of all this is NOT concerning the Zaurus SL-6000 that Smooth is selling!  It has nothing to do with him!

For the details please go to the "Deals and Great Z Buys" forum and read my post there.

Here's a link for those as lazy as I am


Deals and Great Z Buys / No-the Sl-6000l On Ebay Right Now Is Not Mine!
« on: November 25, 2005, 03:35:51 pm »
Hey all,

I have had a rash of PM's and Emails from the forums here asking if one of the Zaurus SL-6000L's that is on Ebay right now are mine.  I DO NOT HAVE A SL-6000 (of any kind) LISTED ON EBAY RIGHT NOW.  THE ONE LISTED IS NOT MINE!  The reason I'm posting is  that four of you have recognized that the pictures that the Seller is using are the ones I took for the SL-6000L I sold recently. The seller is also using the IDENTICAL title wording that I used in mine.  I do NOT have any clue why someone would do that when there are plenty of stock images to select from for free from Ebay (not to mention that my pictures were crappy and supremely amatuerish).  However I can say EXPLICITELY that they are not actual pictures of any Z that he is selling.

I'm not sure if there is any major call for alarm or not. The person has over a Thousand Positive Feedback as well as having a 100% Feedback rating, but other than that I know NOTHING of the person nor can I vouch for him in any way.

However, personally I'm concerned that this Seller with an awesome track record has somehow been infected with key sequence logging Virus and someone has stolen his Account access.

The reasons I think this are:

This SHOULD be a SUPER experienced and skilled ebayer, (1080 positive feedback.)  

However in his listing he says:
Yet the auction is for a single item only.  The only way you could get 2 units and remain within Ebays rules would be to either list the auction with multiple units for sale, or offer a "Lot" of 2 etc.  This just doesn't strike me as a top notch seller.  It's sloppy at the very least.

He then also says:
Ebays auction rules clearly prohibit/discourage the Seller encouraging any buyer to contact a potential bidder outside of Ebays framework.  It further prohibits/discourages posting your actual email address in the listing description.  The fact that he wants ppl to contact him via email and not by "Ebay message" is not encouraging.  Also it is SO easy to list a "Buy it Now" auction he should have had NO problems clicking on the box and entering an amount.  After all he was slick enough to grab photo's and a link or so- it doesn't take much brainpower to do that,  yet he wants you to email him so he can then cancel that auction and make another "Buy it Now" auction? Wierd.

He also does not state a shipping policy of any kind.  The seller is registered in the UK, yet he advertises on the US ebay site, has a Feedback score of over 1080 but doesn't know that the FIRST question any bidder is going to have is how much and what kind of shipping is going to be used.  Doesn't seem quite right.

He has also not stated a return policy.  EVERYBODY with a FB score of over 100 posts a return policy for EVERYONE to see because eventually you inevitably get a winning bidder who raises a fuss etc. with ebay because he didn't like the return policy you didn't state. Plus this Seller has gone so far as to open an Ebay STORE.  I've never seen an Ebay Store seller who did NOT state a return policy. Still not consistent of what we'd expect of this caliber of a seller.

Then of course is the pictures that he borrowed of mine.  NOW PLEASE UNDERSTAND, I don't have a problem with someone borrowing my pictures and using them in his auction- just so long as they state that the pictures are for demonstration purposes only to give the user an idea of what items are included in the auction etc.  But not stating that in the auction leaves the bidder to believe that what he is seeing is the actual item he is bidding on.
Plus in my experience I have found that Sellers with this much experience either use professional quality pics that they take themselves, Stock pictures that ebay offers for free, or simply no pictures at all.  The pro's are after all, um...the pro's.

Finally I'm curious as to why the Auction states he is in London, UK but he is a registered user in Germany.  Maybe there is a logical reason and this is common in Europe, but it still strikes me as kinda funny.

I feel it all adds up to a picture COMPLETELY inconsistent with the data about the seller that we currently have.
I went to all the trouble to make this post simply because I hate the fact that EVERY YEAR around Christmas one of us on this forum (sometimes more) get stung by jerks that try to scam us.  I have all too vivid members of the Amazon seller last year that took nearly a dozen of us down the scam alley before we busted him.  This MAY be a perfectly innocent posting that was just unskillfully listed.  The Seller may simply be a GREAT seller that was in a rush, or just having a bad day! (We've all been there!)  Please do NOT go on a witch hunt on this guy just because I am raising a caution flag.  However if you are interested in BIDDING I'm writing this for YOU in the hopes that you will practice good "Due Diligence" and double and triple check him out before you bid.
If one of the "old gaurd" crowd around here can vouch for this seller then PLEASE DO so that everyone will know that all is well and he's above the board with this auction!

My hunch is that some poor seller has had a Virus steal his Ebay login info and the criminal involved has hijacked his account. (Ya gotta wonder about a 1 day listing...) I'm betting that he's hoping that the owner of the Account will be distracted and go nowhere near Ebay for the Thanksgiving weekend- (with over a 1000 feedback the Ebay member MUST do this for a living and none of us want to even THINK about jobs during holidays!) So he may be making it a one day listing so that he can be finished and done with it, having run off with the cash in his pocket before the Ebay Member notices anything has happened.

So---If anyone KNOWS this Ebay member or has dealt with him before and knows how to get up with him, do us all a favor and contact him and let him know we are concerned on his behalf!! Likewise if someone who's been a member on the board for more than 90 days can vouch for the integrity of this particular Auction- PLEASE DO.  I don't want a legitimate seller to become the victim, but I don't want to start out the Christmas season with Forum members being victims either.

If anyone can dig up anything else productive feel free to add to this.  Again thanks to smooth, Xer, and the others who brought this to my attention.

God Bless all and Happy Thanksgiving,



For anyone who is concerned here are the appropriate links:

The Zaurus I Ebayed:
It was a 5 day auction ending this past Tuesday.
Item number: 5831722636

The Zaurus someone else listed using my pictures etc.:
Item number: 8237310479  
It is a 1 day auction.

PS I have the worst luck with links, if these don't work for you just goto ebay and use the item numbers to search for the Auctions in question.

C1000/3x00 Hardware / Specifically, What Usb Bluetooth Dongle Is Known
« on: November 24, 2005, 05:20:16 am »
Specifically, EXACTLY what model USB Bluetooth dongle works with the Cxx00 line of Zaurii?

Please state the model number and ROM that you are using it with.  If you had to do anything super special to get it working please point us in the direction of that info.

(Btw, I DID search the Cxx00 forum before asking. There is only one hit for "usb bluetooth" and that thread/post gives no concrete info at all.)

Thanks in advance!

Software / Problem Solved.
« on: November 20, 2005, 03:44:16 pm »
Problem solved. Thanks everyone.

Cxx0 General discussions / I Need Your Opinoin On Best Gaming Emulater
« on: November 20, 2005, 03:32:09 pm »
Hey all,

My daughter desperately wants a gameboy for Christmas and I don't have much time left to act!  I don't mind her having such a device, but it seems a terrible waste to pay all that money for a dedicated handheld device + expensive software that will not help her in any other aspect of her life.

So...what I am considering is buying her a CXX0 clamshell model and using it along with a game emulator.  I've heard this works VERY well with these models , however the only thing I've ever tried to get an emulator running on was a SL-5500 and I only had a marginal success with that project.

Before anyone says "do a search before posting" - I did.  I've spent hours reading, but from  my previous experience there is a HUGE difference between an emulator that "works" and one that "works well" or most importantly "works the BEST".  I need to know a few things, and I need to know them quickly as it will be hard to both buy and get the emulater and roms setup for her before Christmas Day and my search results are super-ambigous and contradictory.

Here's the questions I need answered:

Bear in mind that I'm most interested in Nintendo/Snes/Gameboy and/or Gameboy Color games. We own over 60 Nintendo/Snes games already and I'm willing to buy used Gameboy games from Ebay etc. if we find games we like but don't have to keep myself legal, so I'm not trying to do anything illegal etc. (My opinion on this sort of thing is very well known.  I'm dedicated to the free software concept, but pirating software/roms/code and not paying for the license is NOT the way to acheive our goals!)

1.  What is the best and the most compatible (video and sound and playability) emulator available for the above games?  Please include what ROM's it will run on.

2.  Is there a real difference (in terms of Emulator performance) when choosing to buy a Clamshell Model?  Does the C860 really play the games better/easier or would it be pointless to pay the extra instead of getting a C750/760 etc?

3.  Is there a real difference in the terms of ROMS when choosing a platform to run the emulator on?  pdaXrom? Cacko?  Stock Sharp?  please also include release versions.

4.  What is the EASIEST emulator to get up and running for the average Joe? (Please include a value of 1 - 10 with !0 being the easiest to indicate how easy it is to get it up and running.)

5. Can you please provide a specific link to the emulator of your choice? Can you please provide a link to a "How-To" to setup and install this emulator?

6. Can you please provide me with a link to where I may download the Game Roms?  (This would not be a copyright infringement in my case since I already own the games I'm interested in for the "snes/nes" and will buy any of the gameboy games etc. needed to keep me legal if you doubt me, you have an open inviation to come to my house and check.)  If you're not comfortable with posting that info here please PM me or email me.
Also as an alternate, is there a way I can pull the rom code from the game cartridges I have? what hardware would I need to do that etc?
THIS WAS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM I HAD BEFORE- finding and downloading the actual ROM's for the games.

7. Should I broaden my scope of Game sources for the emulator?  What other gaming platforms have you found that work well emulated on the clamshells?

Please do NOT be afraid to inject your OPINIONS!  I WANT your opinions.  I realize I will probably get a variety of answers, but your opinions are what I'm after- the facts have failed me already! =)

Please feel free to ramble on including any other info you wish to include that may help me achieve my goal.  My problem here is not in finding information on emulaters and their performance/use on the clamshells, rather, the problem is that I'M DROWNING IN IT!  Anything you can do to help me pare it down and come up with a timely solution is welcomed.

Thank you in advance!

(remove the 'n0spam' before emailing please!)

PS- I posted this here because of the questions concerning which CXX0 to purchase/use.  I have also posted in "software'.  If anyone becomes offended because of "crossposting" issues MODERATOR please feel free to delete this post and accept my sincere apologies- I simply want to put it in front of the most amount of Forum readers in the least amount of time and it clearly crosses two Forum Topic areas.  If I posted only here, our Software Guru's may never see it- likewise if I posted it only there no CXX0 owners may never have seen it.  Thank you for your understanding.

Deals and Great Z Buys / No Longer Available.
« on: November 17, 2005, 11:14:03 am »
I do have another SL-6000L that I will be selling before Christmas, but please do not look in this particular forum for it.  I originally listed in this forum because I thought it would go VERY cheaply, and to the contrary it went MUCH more than I would have thought it would.  So keep your eye on the "For Sale/Wanted" forum instead as I feel it would be more appropriate there.


Unbelievably I posted a brand new Zaurus SL-6000L almost 12 hours ago on ebay and the bid is STILL at $1 and it's a No Reserve auction!  I'm speechless, but will NOT retract this auction even if ends up going for that amount.

However if it is destined to be a practical giveaway I'd MUCH MUCH rather give it away to a ZUGger, or an existing member of the OESF forums- so cross your fingers and go bid a whopping $2.  If you win you'ld have bragging rights for Eternity! =)

Ebay Item #5831722636

Best Wishes,

PS, actually I remember picking up a used 6kL in somewhat similar circumstances last Christmas.  It's a good story and one I retold a bazillion times with great pride and pomp to my relatives and friends!  Feel free to do a search of my old posts and take a few mins to read about it.  It's a good story, you'll enjoy it.

For Sale / Wanted / Sl-6000l - Sold
« on: November 16, 2005, 10:11:42 pm »
Winning Bidder was registered Ebay member "timriker".
The winning bid was for $622.01

I don't yet know if this is one of our forum members but it would be nice if it was.
Thanks for everyone who expressed interest. I do plan on selling another soon (before Christmas).

God Bless,

This is a shameless plug for a  Brand New, Never Used, Zaurus SL-6000L I just listed on EBay.

Here's the link:

In case the item Link above is broken it is Ebay Item #5831722636

EDIT: I have dropped the "Buy it Now" price by $51.00 usd to hopefully make it more affordable to those on the forums here- I hadn't even given it a thought when  I originally pulled a number out of the air.  If you're interested in doing the "buy it now" thing it should be considerably less now than anywhere else on the internet that you could buy it new. Unfortunately this also makes it even more affordable and attractive for NON-forum bidders as well so hurry if you want it.

It should become available to be bid upon immediately, is a 5 day Auction, NO Reserve, bidding starts at $1 and "Buy It Now" is an available option.

I decided to go "No Reserve" figuring that if by some quirk of fate nobody bids very high maybe a fellow ZUGger could pick it up cheaply.  However it would be REALLY nice of someone to just go ahead and bid about $12,000.00 and be done with the thing!
Come KNOW you want to!

Alrighty- enuf fun for now.  
Happy Bidding!


Edit this is the relisted Item information (updated around 1:02pm est 11/17/2005)

C1000/3x00 Hardware / Can The 3100 Host Usb Devs At 2.0 Speeds?
« on: November 13, 2005, 05:22:22 pm »

Can someone verify if the SL-C3100 can host USB devices at USB 2.0 speeds? Specifically, is the USB Host truly 2.0 or is it lamed to USB 1.1 like the SL-6000 series?  

Further, if the C3100 CAN sustain data transfers that high is the system bus processing speed high enough to be able to utilize it?

I'm considering selling a brand new 6000 I just purchased to buy a C3100 with the proceeds, but this particular piece of information will be a key factor in my decision.

Thanks All,


Zaurus - pdaXrom / What Are Current Issue's With The C3100?
« on: November 05, 2005, 02:55:13 am »

I'm looking at selling a brand new, never-been-out-of-the-box 6000L, and buying a C3100 with the proceeds- (It will be my Christmas present from my family.)  But first I'm trying to get a feel for how well that pdaXrom is running on the C3100 devices.

Can someone either summarize the main issues with the current release candidate, or alternately point me to where I can find a changelog etc?  I've looked at pdaXrom's site and found nothing- also noticed in the pinned rc release notes above that they mentioned that the changelog isn't out yet- has it come out since that posting?

Alrighty, thanks a bunch for your help in advance- I'm looking forward to joining the C3100 community.


PS My apologies if it turns out it's right under my nose and I'm just too myopic to see it.

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