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Software / Opie-reader Support
« on: July 14, 2005, 05:23:20 pm »

I've just found reading this thread of your health problems. I'd like to give you my best wishes for a quick and complete recovery, your opie-reader is one of the packages I use the most.

General Discussion / Interest In Zaurus Group In Linkedin?
« on: June 29, 2005, 10:39:11 am »
Well, I didn't have Zaurus (or anything at all) listed on my interests until kooie posted here, and I've been using linkedin for some time too...

General Discussion / Where Can I Find C1000 Software?
« on: June 09, 2005, 11:58:50 am »
What software do you want?

Most of the stuff from ELSI ( worked for me with my C1K. The stuff that didn't generally needed some other package installed first.

Stuff that I know works

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Did you by any chance find a iqnotes 2.0.x for the stock sharp roms that isn't the japanese version? Or you're talking of the 1.x version of iqnotes that is on ELSI?

For Sale / Wanted / Wanted: C1000 Or C3000 Or C860?
« on: June 06, 2005, 06:12:11 am »
I'd say the 100 euros you pay extra on Trisoft are worth it. They do a great job, from what I've seen here on the forums. If you want the cheaper price, then or something like that is the way to go, but then you have to pay the postage to japan if anything goes wrong with your pda, and you risk at least having to pay VAT.

C1000/3x00 General discussions / Tetsu's V18a Kernel For The C1000
« on: June 03, 2005, 12:38:27 pm »
Never mind, Tetsu's site is back online, I just downloaded the v18a kernel and modules.

C1000/3x00 General discussions / Tetsu's V18a Kernel For The C1000
« on: June 03, 2005, 11:37:14 am »
Is the kernel for the c1000 and c3000 the same with the latest kernel? I have the v18b kernel if you are interested.
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I thinks so, I remember he integrated them. Can you post or pm it to me? Thanks!

C1000/3x00 General discussions / Tetsu's V18a Kernel For The C1000
« on: June 03, 2005, 11:10:13 am »
Tetsu's site seems to be offline, anyone got a copy of the v18a kernel, updater and modules for the c1000 that can post here or pm it to me? I'd like to try a couple of things, but I only have net access during work for now, and Tetsu's site seems to be down...

For Sale / Wanted / Wanted: C1000 Or C3000 Or C860?
« on: June 02, 2005, 12:37:30 pm »

I got a C1000 to replace my 5500. If I were you I'd forget the 860, as it has been discontinued and you can get a C1000 cheaper. Only if you get a very good deal on a second hand one it might be a option. As for the C3000 vs the C1000, depends on how much cash you have, and what level of support yuo want.
I got mine from pricejapan, and I'm very happy with it, but I am already experienced with openzaurus and even did a little help with the porting effort for the C1000. If you're not very experienced with linux/openzaurus, I'd recommend you to buy yours from Trisoft, since from what I've read here they give good support, and have a good translated rom installed on the C1000 before shipping it to you. It'll be more expensive than if you import it "directly" (pricejapan or similar) but you won't pay extra taxes, since you'll be getting the zaurus from another EC country. I was lucky, I only payed 44 Euros taxes, but my C1000 was in customs three weeks.

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Usb Host On Oz 3.5.3 For C3000
« on: June 02, 2005, 07:05:19 am »
For the usb host to work, you need to insert a module by hand, after removing pxa27x_bi. "modprobe usb_ohci_pxa27x" should work, but is giving me a error on my c1000 right now "Operation not permitted".

General Discussion / Nokia 770 Internet Tablet
« on: May 25, 2005, 01:35:09 pm »
<flame-bait>Too bad the ui is gnome based</flame-bait>
Maybe is they opensource the ui it could be added to oe, might be interesting to run it on the c1000. Now if they had based it on opie...

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / New Kernel Akita-20050505 Installation Pb
« on: May 20, 2005, 06:30:25 am »
That would allow me to get ipks without abusing some guy's proxy - but they haven't been updated. One is dated 14th april, the other was last updated on the 17th.

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / New Kernel Akita-20050505 Installation Pb
« on: May 19, 2005, 05:01:01 am »
Well, being withou adsl and having to use this stupid proxy at work, I can't access (always timeouts when accessed from work, as well as slashdot and newsforge - don't know if they just blocked all those on purpose).
Can anyone attach the updated libqte here?

Never mind, I found a proxy that wasn't blocked by websense. Even though it doesn't have ssl (so no email - all logins go thru ssl), it works at least to access

C1000/3x00 General discussions / Zeroing A Sl-c1000
« on: May 03, 2005, 10:02:27 am »
In OE I can also erase the /home partition easily, I just wanted to see if the default sharp scripts (for /etc and below) got copied from rom, since I intended to play a little with those under OZ. Unfortunately, as you stated, the sharp restore method needs a sharp rom installed into flash, won't use use a "default" image. I guess it would be too expensive to have a prom with a bootable image on it.

C1000/3x00 General discussions / Zeroing A Sl-c1000
« on: May 03, 2005, 06:29:35 am »
It seems it won't work on a C1000 after flashing with OZ. All I get is a jffs2 error when booting, and then it proceeds normally into opie. Maybe sharp's rom expects that changed jffs2 area, and removes all extra stuff.

C1000/3x00 General discussions / Zeroing A Sl-c1000
« on: May 02, 2005, 07:13:00 am »

Well, I just want to boot into a sharp rom from time to time to check how they do stuff, will have to test your suggestions later today. But the nand backup before seems the right option...

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