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5x00 General discussions / Need Help
« on: May 18, 2005, 06:57:31 pm »
Hello all..
Here's my dilema, I downloaded the OZ with opie files, I then followed the instructions on how to flash the is what happened, I got the power and mail leds to light up but they only flash for a sec.. and nothing happens, i then tried to flash again, i got a set of steady lights for about 3mins, it then shutoff and i finished the instructions.. now when i turn it on nothing happens..I'am able to get to the diag screen , and if i flash the zaurus with the sharp package it turns on a reboots leaving me in the shell, asking to repairfs#..

thats where i'm stuck.. anybody ever fix this issue? Please Help...
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i have a similar problem right now, i followed instruction and did a flash, i had the lights for about a sec. and everything went off, now for the past three days i can even switch it on,

the power botton does not even work anymore, not even the battary light comes on when i plug in the A/C adapter....

How did u get to the it to start?

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I had similar problems in the past. More than once, it was apparently that I was not holding the c and d keys down completely (I have arthritis and it's sometimes hard to tell if I'm actually pressing at all). Other times, I believe it was corrupted files, because other files worked just fine. Once I even went back and re downloaded the same files and had success the second time, so it could be that something didn't transfer correctly in downloading. The last time I flashed, I made a big mistake. I flashed without my ac adapter plugged in (lol, it was plugged into the Z, but not to the power strip...whoops!). anyway, I flashed on battery power only and it would try to boot afterwards but then turn off. for a few tries it would not come on at all and I thought it was bricked, but after 3 times on ac power again, it did finally flash right, so don't give up too easily.

Software / Bible time software
« on: May 11, 2005, 06:34:00 pm »
Thanks for the info about The NET Bible!  It displays great on my C860!

Just curious to know: how about the reliability of this translation, apart from the many praises in the website?  Sorry for my ignorance.

Also: how to enable Z to display Hebrew and Greek fonts in the notes window?  Thanks again.
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Well, I know someone who is very knowledgeable in Greek and somewhat in Hebrew, who seems to like it. What I like is that the footnotes often explain in detail why a verse is translated a certain way. I bought a leatherbound copy a while back and even on that it was titled, "First Beta Version." It is intended to be updated as new knowledge is gained. It's not my main study Bible, but a good tool for tough verses that don't translate well into English. IMO, you can't beat the KJV accompanied by Strongs, JFB Commentary and ISBE. That's why I like QPSword, although as someone pointed out, the interface could use some improvement (like a more conventional menu).

Software / Essential Z Software Megapost!
« on: May 05, 2005, 07:12:28 pm »
Portabase - In place of a Syncable Palm Memo-like application. Are there *any* other options? Portabase works, but it's clunky - I really miss my Memo app

I use tKc memo, but leaflet works just as well;

sl5500 tKc  rom
1GB Lexar 40x CF  formatted as fat
512MB sandisk SD formatted as ext2 (like FM, no static at all)

Software / Bible time software
« on: May 05, 2005, 10:18:35 am »
Here is the link for Bible time:
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That looks really nice... for the desktop, but as it appears to depend on KDE it might take some effort to port, if it can be ported (would probably have to use the KDEPIM/PI team's microKDE libraries).

As rjohnson1969 points out, Palm Study looks pretty good for a proper study application.

It's a real shame (maybe even really wrong) that the popular translations that have been out for years if not decades are still not in the public domain. I tend to use RSV myself as it has a nice balance between accuracy and ease of reading, plus its free

I heard that QPSword was going to get a rewrite some time soon. What specifically do you not like about the application as a Bible reader? Some things I find lacking/frustrating:
  • Can be slow, especially scrolling through a chapter
  • Cannot get to menu without holding down stylus, which is awkward in itself.
  • Not so easy to install new modules
  • Crashes if no results are returned from a search
  • Cannot close the app with the Cancel key
2 and 5 could probably be fixed quite easily actually. Can't complain too much though since it is free.
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I use Palmstudy and qpsword.

I also use The NET Bible's HTML version (not the windows HTML help version, but the other HTML version). I run it in Opera 7.30 and it works fine.

Personally, if number 2 in your qpsword list was fixed, it would be perfect for me.

Doc posted some good advice in this link, for anyone having trouble installing packages. It's easier and allows you to install modules to a card. I have so many modules running in it, there is only room for one or two more before any additional modules will not be visible in the menu anymore (I had this happen in OPIE, where I ran the whole prog from SD, but I'm using tKc rom now, with the main prog on internal).

[a href=\"][/url]

I'm not sure if that is relevant for everyone's setup or not, but I had to modify those instructions a bit like this;

BTW, I had to reverse the order of
"ln -s /mnt/card/usr/share/sword /usr/share/sword,"
so that it was "ln -s /usr/share/sword /mnt/card/usr/share/sword

sl5500 tKc  rom
1GB Lexar 40x CF  formatted as fat
512MB sandisk SD formatted as ext2 (like FM, no static at all)

5x00 General discussions / Changing Icon Size In Tkc Rom
« on: May 03, 2005, 06:38:31 pm »
I am trying to get smaller icons in tKc rom. I have tried using zstyle which gives the option to change to 16x16 (which I have done previously in Opie and would like to do in tKc), but although many of the other features work (for instance I have changed colors there), this does not.

I have a hunch there is some kind of conflict with the built in "look and feel," prog in tKc. To get the colors how I want them, I have to use zstyle, save a style, uninstall it and then select that style in the native look and feel prog, or everytime I reboot, some of the custom colors, as well as the desktop wallpaper disappears and won't come back without starting all over. if I uninstall zstyle, everything (except the icon size) works fine and the native prog remembers the style I created in zstyle. I have tried editing the .png files changing the size to 16x16 in several different graphic progs, on both my desktop and Zaurus, but the only perceptible change is a blurry icon that is still the same 32x32.

Perhaps the icon size is changed by a reference somewhere, rather than directly in the file???

I have also tried creating new icons at 16x16, but they still display as 32x32.  

Software / QPSword Questions
« on: May 02, 2005, 02:30:55 pm »
Thanks, but I found v0.5.2 on the feed here, and figured out how to get different books installed including the lexicons and webster's dic.

I moved /usr/share/sword to /mnt/card/usr/share/sword 
Then simlinked it back using ln -s /mnt/card/usr/share/sword /usr/share/sword

Then all you have to do is download the "raw" zip files and extract them as they stand into the /mnt/card/usr/share/sword dir.
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Thanks for that info. It gave me more than half of my internal storage back. Now I'm geting more modules.

BTW, I had to reverse the order of
"ln -s /mnt/card/usr/share/sword /usr/share/sword,"
so that it was "ln -s /usr/share/sword /mnt/card/usr/share/sword

tKc Rom
Lexar 40x 1 GB CF
Sandisk 512 SD

Software / Jabp
« on: May 01, 2005, 03:36:01 pm »
Does anyone know how to get Jabp to work? I’ve installed the ipk and copied the jar into what I believe was the correct directory. I get the Icon but when selected nothing happens.

I have also tried tkcKapital, which works but will not import QIF files.
QashMoney works also but is not designed to import files.

I am using a SL 5500
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Ron Whiting
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Below are the instructions that came in the zip file with the ipk and the jar. The only option for copying the jar that worked for me was the first "/opt/QtPalmtop/java/jabp," regardless of where I instaled the ipk. I got it to work on both internal memory and sd card, but only with the first option (in red). This was on tKc rom. The installation automatically created the directory. All I had to do was copy the jar file there.

Sharp Zaurus with Jeode Java runtime: unzip the file and install the file Jabp.ipk.  Then using File Manager copy Jabp.jar to the machine in the directory:



/mnt/cf/opt/QtPalmtop/java/jabp  (if you installed to Flash disk)


/mnt/card/opt/QtPalmtop/java/jabp  (if you installed to SD card)

Themes, Icons, and Backgrounds / Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
« on: May 01, 2005, 01:51:42 pm »
That's one of the problems with reading the book first and then seeing the movie. You have it in your head how things are, and then the movie looks different.

I've been saying "42" to people for years and they always look at me funny.
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The answer to that is probably, "a suffusion of yellow."

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