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5x00 Hardware / Sl5500 Screen Question
« on: August 09, 2005, 05:13:50 pm »

I just got a refurb sl5500 of the eBay. I have some questions regarding its screen:

1. When I tilt the Z picture looses its stability i.e. it seems as it was moving a little bit. Hard to describe the phenomenon. Smooth edges become sharp. I have never noticed something like this on a TFT screen, but I remember my old 486 Presario has similar issue. Does it mean display is broken or it is typical?

2. There is a lighter line extending diagonally through the screen (from left-top to right-bottom). It seems somehow connected to LED light. Somebody noticed something similar?

My refurbished Z seems almost new, save a small scratch on the screen, some scratches on the exterior. And this screen issue. No dead pixels though. Please let me know whether there is some problem with the Z, or what I observed is normal.


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