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Pdaxrom-builder Howto
« on: February 25, 2005, 05:59:24 pm »
Sashz made a detailed howto about building the pdaXrom distribution from scratch.
Take a look at this OESF Wiki page.

I haven't tried out the process described in it, only done some spelling cleanup in the first part and converted it to Wiki format. Please correct spelling errors, if you find some.

I don't advice building as a regular user, you will be fine with the prebuilt distributions on, but if you think you are a developer, semi-developer or a to-be-developer, and want to add some new features, or simply want to examine the structure of the system, then try it out!
(and be sure to contact the developers if you add something useful)

Well, this howto and the open-development model was my obsession after all, so I think here is the best place to say thank you for Sashz and Laze!
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