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Screen Compiled
« on: December 19, 2005, 02:52:23 pm »

I have compiled screen, it's a nice program to manage several shell sessions (and much more). The official page is under , a good howto can be found here:

As a quickstart, install screen, then run screen and you have a new session. Start a long running process like make or ping (or something else), then press CTRL + a and then d to detach the session. Now you can do something else, if you want to go back just start screen -R.

CTRL + a and then c starts another session in screen, CTRL + a and " lists all running sessions. It's very convinient to work with screen when you log in from remote from time to time and want to check the progress of your processes on your z.

I hope you like it.



P. S.: I have just seen that pgas has already provided this in his feed but maybe the quickstart is helpfull to somebody....
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Screen Compiled
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SLC-860 cacko / senao wifi