Author Topic: Modded Simpad Sl4 Is Looking For A New Owner  (Read 1138 times)


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Modded Simpad Sl4 Is Looking For A New Owner
« on: January 27, 2006, 08:58:20 am »

I have an almost new (bought around last summer) Simpad SL-4 with all original box contents - documentations, power adapter, serial cable, etc.

It's running Opie and I was using it as a car GPS navigation device for which purpose it worked very well. It has Zroadmap installed and I was using my bluetooth-based GPS tranciever and US maps located on 128MB SD card.

The Simpad is very hacking-friendly device, and I modded it to add bluetooth and SD/MMC card slot, please see the following threads for more information:

It has a 128MB SD card right now.

It still has a few free GPIO pins available and plenty of space inside the case, so addtional hardware modifications could be possible.

I just realized that I didn't in last few months (and won't in near feature) have any time to play with it due to involvement with other projects, and thinking that it's a shame for such an interesting device to collect dust in my closet. I'd like it to find its new home in hands of a fellow forum member, rather than putting it off on EBay. So, if anyone if interested in it, please let me know.
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