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Av700 Tv
« on: January 08, 2007, 07:41:09 am »
I also did not get Filmfour on my AV700 TV when it first came out. I downloaded the latest firmware and installed it. Filmfour came up in my next scan.

Hope this works for you.
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I did upgrade the firmware a while back when I first posted this message and tried rescanning but with no luck.

However, I thought I'd try giving it another go after your message and hey presto - Film Four and Film Four +1 - thanks very much - fantastic.  
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hi how do i transfer a dvd on to my 700 tv have pod  and have made the dvd myself  but only want to put dvd on my 700 not lots so not worth buying any programs to do this with  ,have looked on the archos web site and seen have to do transfere  ,but not how to do things bit by bit any one else found this  .dave