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Archos Recovery Code 2
« on: January 08, 2007, 05:42:34 pm »
Hi guys,

My Archos 604 seems to be damaged. It froze and when I turn it on I get the Archos start-up page and then goes to a page with "Recovery (code 2), System is damaged. Would your like to recover it? No, repair, Format Disk" I have tried all the options and nothing works. It always comes back to the same screen.    

 I have tried holding the TV button down while restarting (something I saw worked on another thread) and this takes it to page with Recovery (code 1). But the options there do nothing.

Pushing the reset key doesn't do anything either.

Does anyone know a solution? I have tried calling customer service but at 25p a minute and them putting you on hold for 10mins ... it doesn't work out cheap!