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Stowaway Thinkoutside Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse
« on: April 21, 2007, 12:47:04 am »
Hey All,

I'm currently running pdaXii13/full5.3.5 on my C3100 and am EXTRAORDINARILY pleased with it, but I've run into some REALLY irksome problems with getting some hardware that worked VERY easily with either Sharp or Cacko to run under it.

At the top of my most coveted hardware that I'd like to use but cannot get to function are my:

Think Outside Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard (Model # XTBT01)


Think Outside Stowaway Travel Mouse (Model # MSBT01)

I've found a post or so by searching the forums here that vaguely refer to bluetooth mice etc. and one single success story (that only worked at the cost of losing all touch screen functionality...ouch) about someone who had a different brand bluetooth mouse.  I did find one post that made reference to these exact model devices that I have, whose author inferred that since these Stowaway devices are Microsoft HID compliant they should be a cinch to get working as long as you had a working bluetooth card/dongle and could see the keyboard/mouse via it.  I also see that under the IR keyboard drivers thread there is a poster who claims to have used them to have gotten his Bluetooth keyboard to work...I have NO idea how he managed this...maybe the keymapping portion was what he was referring to, I'm not sure because he didn't elaborate at all.

Is this true (about the HID compliancy making things so easy?) Because while I do have two dongles and two cf bluetooth solutions (all of which I can transfer files back and forth with my cellphone with) that seem setup correctly, and I can seem to see the mouse (but not the keyboard) I just can't seem to get them operating.

Am I chasing a hopeless case?

Oh and btw, I already tried the solution that worked for the one other success story I found here on the forums for the mouse and it did NOT work for me, and even if it did I'm not willing to completely give up being able to use my stylus when I don't have the ability to plug the mouse in! So it's not a good solution for me at all.

PdaXii13 is just so polished and fabulous and so hardware flexible it was actually fairly astounding to see how bluetooth "dumb" it was when it came to i/o devices.

   Of course there is ALWAYS the possibility that I'm the dummy and there is an easy solution to this that I've just missed! Thanks in advance for your help!

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