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Appreciating The Zaurus
« on: February 08, 2009, 05:51:25 am »
Hi all,

For the past 9 to 10 months, I've not been using my C1000 nor my 5500.  I've been busy and neglecting them.
Around the same time, I started using Ubuntu on my 15.4" notebook and around mid last year, I got a Asus eeepc 701.

The eeepc did not get as much usage as my c1000 when I was still using it (the zaurus).  It ran xandros and although one could install other OS onto it, I dabbled for awhile and basically stopped.  I was too busy.

But all these months, I was using Ubuntu on my main notebook.  Now looking back at the zaurus, I really appreciate how it is remarkable in many ways.  For one, it was running linux.  For two, many things just worked.  So much so, I did not really knew that much about how things worked.  For the notebook, sound and graphics were half the time working.  So I spent many hours on the terminal configuring.  I guess there was a realistic limit as to how much one could install and run on the Z, so it limited what one could tweak it to do.  Further, I was just too comfy with Cacko and the apps in it basically did what I expected a tiny device like that to do.

Now I wonder if I should step out of cacko and bring in zubuntu for my c1000.
I wonder if I use it often enough to warrant the investment in time and setup.

And the 5500?  After neglecting it for almost 2 years, an over night charging brought it back to life again.  Sometimes I wish it would die so I can get an Asus 900HA eeepc without feeling guilty!   ... but it just booted up to opie 1.2 like nothing ever happened.

I wonder if SHARP will ever restart the zaurus line and take center stage once more.  I wonder.  I hope it does, 'cos it did such a good job with the zaurus hardware.  But I also fear that it does.  I doubt it would go rock bottom with pricing like Asus did.  And I also fear that it (SHARP) would drop the platform after a few lame misguided attempts.  Only this time, there are many other OEMs at the game, so we consumers will not be left in the cold.

I wish my eeepc had InstantOn like my zaurus, and had wakeup / alarm capabilities so I can use it for appointments.  I also wish it (eeepc) had longer batt life like the z, or like the pre-color palm used to have.  Two AA cells for a few weeks!  Try beating that!

Maybe the 900HA will be my zaurus replacement.  It boasts 5hrs batt life although we all know it will be more like 4~4.5hrs or less.  Sure, it is lower than the zaurus, but it will be enough for now.  It has the smallest footprint for a 8.9" netbook, longer (est?) batt life for its size and for a dirty cheap price at $299, it is even cheaper than my c1000 when I got it 2.5 years ago!  It would have a 160gb hdd, so storage is not an issue.  I have mobile broadband ready via USB, and if wifi is around, I can tap onto that.  All without too much tinkering.

So unless SHARP pulls out something from its sleeves at the 11th hour, I see myself getting further away from my zaurus despite all its strengths and features that I love.

In the end, I may still keep the c1000, and once awhile, charge it up and show ppl how way before the netbooks, we had a convertible "tabletpda" running linux, surfing the web on firefox etc.
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Appreciating The Zaurus
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2009, 09:32:18 pm »
I love my Zaurus too (C1000) and I'm seriously looking at putting Zubuntu on it to extend it's usefulness.  Zubuntu really makes it a netbook that you can put in your pocket.  I guess that would be called a pocketbook?

I also wish that Sharp would revive the Zaurus nameplate and enter this netbook game.  As you mentioned, their hardware designs are top-notch.  I would immediately buy a Sharp convertible touchscreen netbook, 7-9 inch screen, wifi, BT, etc.  Sharp could have it run Ubuntu or the upcoming Android (?) so they can stick to just designing hardware.  Oh well, until then I'll load up Zubuntu and see what kind of performance I get.

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