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Zipit Z2 Wireless Messenger
« on: April 02, 2009, 08:20:24 pm »
So I stumbled on this little device, and it looks very interesting. A wifi enabled Instant Messaging device. Supposedly there's a contract involved to use the service but I'm sure this can be avoided with custom software.
I admit I"m a little slow on the uptake, this has been out for a while now.

300Mhz Xscale processor
320x240 QVGA display
qwerty thumbboard
built in 802.11 b/g support
32mb RAM
8mb boot RAM
Mini SD (SDHC) slot -up to 8GB capacity reported
1000mAh battery

all this at $49 bucks retail!

At this price I bought a couple of them and won't worry about them being lost / stolen / broken, etc. A disposable 'in my pocket' device. Unlike the Zaurus. It's like my baby.

I believe development for these is done in OE, so I figure there's gotta be some folks from the Angstrom boards that have tried this out. Anyone with recommendations? How capable is this device? I'm not looking for Zaurus killer, but being able to web browse / PIM / take notes / emulate NES would be pretty awesome.

With the platform similarities, it might even be capable to get a favorite like Cacko running on the thing!