Author Topic: [sold] For Sale: Zaurus Sl6000l W/accessories  (Read 1541 times)


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[sold] For Sale: Zaurus Sl6000l W/accessories
« on: May 23, 2009, 03:26:27 pm »
This Zaurus 6000L is in great condition. Was used for about a year to surf the web on the bus. Has a Socket CF Bluetooth card (low-profile, doesn't stick out of the machine). Also a 1 GB SD memory card. Has stock OS. Also AC charger and dock.

1 small paint chip (about 0.5 mm) and 1 indentation (about 4 mm) in paint, no crack in casing. Screen has always had a protector, so is in pristine shape.

Would like $250 obo by Paypal. No point shipping outside US due to shipping costs. Please send PM with questions or offers.

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