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Status Of Pdaxrom
« Reply #15 on: September 24, 2010, 02:17:59 am »
for pdaXrom Beta 3 and its derivatives, you can safely install the standard development tools, and get started compiling code on the Zaurus.

the main ones are gcc, binutils, make, m4, tar, bunzip, wget, and gawk or awk.  If you want to patch code, you will also want diff, and patch.  Assuming that you have correctly added your feeds, you can use ipkg -d /mnt/cf2 install {package_name_here}

I use cf2, which is an additional mount point, as /mnt/cf is a FAT16 partition, and /mnt/cf2 is ext2(or ext3)

I also have a third partition on my CF drive for swap (and yes, you need a real drive, not flash).  With the added swap space (mine is 1GB), larger code can be compiled than would normaly be possible with 64 MB RAM.

There are some gotchas to be aware of.  First of all, an increasing number of developers are developing their source using newer versions of make, m4, gcc, autoconf, etc.  The line in the sand seems to be somewhere in the early part of 2009.  What this means is that if you are trying to compile newer versions of some software, versions with dates in 2010, and later 2009, may not build, usually due to incompatible m4 scripting in the make files.

Quote from: ckblackm
It looks like capnfish's feed still exists:

I'm currently running a C3200 with weeXpc  (Daniel's pdaXrom implementation based off beta3).   What would I need to start
trying to compile stuff for use on that platform?  (or would it be easier to try and patch up to the most recent version?)

Sharp SL-C3100 - pdaXrom Beta 3
Sharp SL-6000L - pdaXrom Beta 1