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uSD Cards
« on: June 16, 2018, 02:29:09 pm »
Gemini (WiFi Only) - Firmware 2018-05-09.08

I have placed an 16GB uSD card in the internal slot (behind the screen) - this was originally formatted as FAT32 - in the Gemini it can be formatted as two ways

"internal" - card is encrypted, the key is held in the Gemini and card will not work in other devices
"portable" - card is not encrypted and can be removed.  i.e. files on it are no secure were someone to open the case the card can be read

I want to use "internal" as I have no need to remove it and will use as extra storage - ideally I need it encrypted as have no idea what will be on it  I use this method in both my Samsung J5 phone and a S2 tablet, it works fine.

If I format the card as internal it shows in the storage manager but it's not available to the filesystem - i.e. not showing in either the generic Android file manger or Solid Explorer.

If I format as "portable" within the Gemini it is visible to the the file system but not encrypted .  Although writing to the card seem to take a lot longer than I am used to with my Samsung S2

Removing and checking the card on my Lunux laptop with gparted shows it;s just a normal FAT32 card.  Putting the card back into the S2 tablet and it works fine so I think the card is OK

Has anyone got a uCF card reliably working as "internal"

Internal Card Format does shows as storage

Internal Card Format - does not show to filesystem

Re Format card as Portable

and now it's visible to the filesystem
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uSD Cards
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2018, 05:28:14 pm »
Same here, SanDisk 8gb card formatted for internal storage is not visible in File Manager.