Author Topic: SailfishOS CE on Gemini WiFI  (Read 1661 times)


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SailfishOS CE on Gemini WiFI
« on: July 02, 2018, 08:14:51 am »
I installed SailfishOS from Planet Support a few days ago, as boot #2 on a multi-boot flashing (Android rooted, SailfishOS and Debian Linux)

In short: am beautifully stuck in presentation step #3 with left/right swipes doing just nothing.
In detail:

- Booting SailfishOS started well: I selected locale, language, set up wifi, created jolla account, accepted terms, began the presentation first steps.
- The screen flipped into landscape (partialy?) on step #2;
- So when it tells you to swipe 'bottom-to-top' I was stuck until realizing the swipe engine may stil be in Portrait mode; swiped 'left-to-right' and rulez;
- It then tells you to swipe 'left-to-right' (or vice-versa, can't remember for sure). Here nothing I did could make it 'take' the action (i.e. left-to-right, bottom-to-top, ..., single/double/triple fingers etc swipes). All I could get to work was:

  1. the 'top-to-bottom' swipe which shows the Lock and "Workspace choice" stuff.
  2. take a photo with 'bottom-to-top' swipe.
  3. shut SailfishOS Of by long-pressing the Fn+Esc (Off) keys (glad this worked at least!)

After a while I had to shut it Off. When I start SailfishOS back, I get back to last step above:

 1. rotating circle shows off, then
 2. the same basic (standby?) screen as above; shows the battery level, time, camera and network icons (and arrows on the left and the right sides if I touch the screen). Swiping from either arrows/sides just does nothing (screen turns Off while I'm stil trying to *£%#@ left-right swipe)

Am I missing something, or is SF supposed to work only with cellular Gemini (aka 4G)?

From what I've read in this forum I'd need to set-up SSH *before* having a chance to connect from another machine.
I have a working Debian TP2 on the Gemini, and so could do anything needed to Sailfish OS files if necessary.