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Bootloop, v21, I have TWRP backup of v19...
« on: April 05, 2020, 09:17:40 am »
I got myself into android bootloop when on v21 and tryed to resize it to one partition only and then back to Android + TWRP + Root + Linux. Android didnt boot when there was one partition and going back to multiple didint help.

I have a TWRP backup of v19 firmware but I dont want to do something wrong. It consists of following partitions:

* Recovery
* Parametr
* Frp
* Nvcfg
* Nvdata
* Protect
* Spm
* Proinfo
* Modem
* Nvram
* Uboot
* Boot
* Logo
* Tee
* System
* System Image
* Cache
* Data (excl. storage)

Since I am on different version of firmware (v21) I really dont want to mess something up, I was doing flashes and restores on other phones, but the amount of partitions here is just overwhelming. Probably the system partition is somehow corrupted, but what to restore to not get into some half v19 half v21 situation to get a bootable v19 and upgrade it again to v21?
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