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Cosmo for sale - Never used
« on: July 16, 2020, 03:31:26 am »
Dear All,

I had my Cosmo since March 2020 but aside from the updates in the firmware, now about to install the V22, is been sitting in his box all this time. I have never used it because after trying at home, it does not work for my usage habits, so it never got even a sim inserted.

I don't want this to become part of my already extensive collection of phones because all of them have had years of usage and this one would be first one to be stored with 0 hours of usage and within his box.

In short, the unit is for sale, with Uk charger and keyboard, updated firmware and absolute no usage whatsoever, the price being open to suggestions. Please be aware I'm in Dubai (UAE), therefore, some shipment cost would be involved, which I gladly discount also.

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