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New stripped down firmware
« on: May 21, 2021, 05:52:57 am »
For a long time Gemini PDA has been sitting around my table with little to no use.
The major drawback for me is its loooong boot up process.

The PDA this way only makes sense as a daily driver / secondary daily driver.
But for me Gemini and Cosmos should be a good easy to use tool for eventual use.

Now, for them to be really useful they should hibernate so they wake up in 8-10 seconds.

I understand Android has never been able to hibernate, so that is not an option.

Yet, the machine has to be powered off totally if it is a tool to be used eventually. You shouldn't have to be regular in charging it.

The only option I see is that there should be an Android version stripped down so much that It took only few seconds to boot up. Sailfish is very fast to boot up.

How do you see it?