Author Topic: Tie up between Danger (Hiptop) & Sharp  (Read 1349 times)


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Tie up between Danger (Hiptop) & Sharp
« on: July 23, 2004, 05:34:51 am »
Curious tie up between Danger (make of the Hiptop) and Sharp:

Sharp seems to be going towards Symbian, so I doubt we'll see a Linux Qtopia PE based phone
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Tie up between Danger (Hiptop) & Sharp
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2004, 10:14:58 am »
Sharp has show difficulties in the Linux PDA European and United States market mainly because the device have missed:

_ the required powerful PIM for the "common" user.

_ the required well done, customisable and easy to use User Interface for the "common" user.

_ the link between synching with Windows Mac and Linux and Good PIM for  "common" user and enterprise. The Sharp Qtopia Desktop only for Windows wasn't a good idea either.

_ the fact that most software enterprises are used to build commercial applications for free for PDA (true for all WinCE/PPC/Palm PDA but not for Zaurus if you want to release closed source software)

_ The fact that most software enterprises are uses to be pet: special web site + all documentation and reference and links + IDE RAD and compilers + support for different programming languages + ...

_ The fact that closing their source code for Qtopia is a bad idea.

and so on...

It's was a big clash between the standard closed source software market and this new open source one. But, if you look at what is really missing: it's a free and complete distro for the Linux PDA. The same thing that has freed our PC.

Magazines, Newpapers, newgroups, forums and news web sites have tryied to help doing "publicity/review" but the bad feeling of the common user (the geeks if you prefer this name for your ego) is like virus e.g. it spreads quickly and with force to all new curstomers.

So wait for new OE/pdaXrom release ("keep tuned" ). This is only where I can see hope at present. Of course, it's my personal opinion.

And don't forget that Sharp PDAs have got the big Japanese market. As long as they buy those device, there's hope for us to bring it in all supermarket.

(Why spread and well selled in supermarket? Because I want to be able to beam my contact to any new beautiful girl I pass ).

And for the Qtopia phone, have a look here (even if it's not Qtopia anymore because it runs on top of X11):
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