Author Topic: Kingston Elite Pro High Speed Cards Cf Sd  (Read 1635 times)


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Kingston Elite Pro High Speed Cards Cf Sd
« on: November 27, 2004, 02:37:33 am »
I was looking at what cf card to buy with my new c750, and saw many here were wondering if kingston elite was a waste of money (due to maybe no support from zaurus). I also found a post from PDAgal that said she reviewed it in Here is part of that review:

"I tested it in a Sharp Zaurus C860 for movie playback, which is probably the best test of card speeds in a PDA. Using 3 different video players, I saw no discernable dropped frames and got perfect audio/video sync when playing movies encoded at 300k bit rates. Using standard SD cards, as Zaurus users know, movies do not play smoothly and audio often falls out of sync."

"While Kingston states that read speeds are similar for their standard and Elite cards (both very high at over 6 megs/sec), I found that read speeds were much faster with the Elite Pro card compared to regular CF cards by other manufacturers. Videos encoded at high bitrates (600K) stuttered on my Pocket PC and Zaurus C860 using "regular" cards, while they played perfectly from the Kingston Elite Pro CF card. Write speeds are more than 3x faster on the Elite card (1.5 megs/sec vs. 5.2 megs/sec). Kingston CF cards are fast at reading files from the card (viewing digital photos, playing games)."

...Just in case others do a search for the same reason. -chris