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Tungsten T3 Shakes!
« on: December 31, 2003, 09:51:16 pm »
Hey guys, i need a little support here.

As you all know, there is something powerfull about advertising.  the new tungsten is gaining momentum on my checkbook and like I said- I need support.

We all know that the \"zaurus sl5500\" is a pc all on its own.  It has software, installation software that uses ipk to install its own software. Sometimes im bored at work and i use a 56k cf modem from targus for 19 dollars that i bought from compusa to download the latest ipk installers.  For palmOS, you need a pc to install the software-which I find to be bullshit.


I would like to hear your comments. about the tungsten t3.  The only thing this device gets to me is the screen (which i admit is the best thing since the invention of the porn magazine) and the medical refference library it offers from    and the bad part of the tungsten is the -\"where\'s the CF slot?\"

I should really base my hardware/software for my needs but i really want to get away from pocketpc and palmOS.  I want to support linux based open-source base OS, refference libraries, and software.

what are your opinions on this?  I\'d Like to know.

and is the SL-6000 going to be available for regular users by the way?

im a sl5500 and happy so medical library comes from using bdicty and purchasing palm OS libraries that are ziped and not executables.  just the drug-guide is bothering me because it wont load....inf fact, thats what\'s bothering me.....