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My CoDi LCD broke also without any signs of damage on the glass. Planet computers would charge me 125£ + shipping to UK to replace it. If only I could get replacement part somehow, I would definitely do it myself.

Some of the functonality of the buttons have changed. First the silver button acted like an power button, but now it's acting as a back button in Chrome Browser (also alt+esc seems to act as a back button... weird)
On some apps alt+tab lights up caps lock light on first attempt and initalizes task switch on second attempt. Telegram is one of those apps.
I ended up changing the keylayout with FinnQWERTY -app (swapping ä and ö) as the default layout was weird and anything but optimal for Finnish language, that app may have something to do with the weird behaviour of buttons?
Typing english (this text for example. written with Cosmo) relies lot of ':s and that's (again) not intuitive in finnish layout keyboard. Maybe with more training I'll be able to type better without looking at button prints.

I noticed also that FinQwerty breaks some of keyboard shortcuts. For me screenshot shortcut is important so I have two layouts selected in the settings - FinQwerty and original. When I need to take a screenshot or some keyboard shortcut is not working right, I press Ctrl + Space and Cosmo changes layout back to original. Second stroke of Ctrl + Space retrieves layout to FinQwerty. Speaking of keyboard shortcuts, is there way to make keyboard shortcut for sending messages e.g. in whatsapp?

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