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SIMpad forum / Any News?
« on: May 03, 2009, 04:31:24 am »
Looks like the SIMpad development is dying or has already died! I am still using a rather old image with the minimo browser, have to live with the fact, that it crashes all the time if a webpage has too much content, no flash, and no, VNC is not an option...

Did nothing else happen since last year?

I really just want a simple image with just a working webbrowser and flash support, it does not have to contain anything else (no PIM or such). Is it really that hard to accomplish? And no, I can not roll my own, I am just a user.

SIMpad forum / Mozilla Fennec 1.0a1 Released
« on: October 20, 2008, 03:06:25 am »
I just read, that Mozilla's mobile browser is now available as first alpha release. Have a look here.

Will we see this one on Angstrom?

SIMpad forum / X-forwarding Unbearably Slow
« on: September 10, 2008, 04:55:54 am »
I finally came around to test X-Forwarding on the SIMpad, as described here.

It kind of works, but it is unbearably slow. Connecting to an Ubuntu Hardy box with Firefox 3.0.1, this is what I get in the terminal:
Code: [Select]
$ssh user@ubuntubox -X firefox

(firefox:7819): Gdk-WARNING **: Connection to display localhost:10.0 appears to be untrusted. Pointer and keyboard grabs and inter-client communication may not work as expected.

(firefox:7819): Gdk-WARNING **: Coercing GDK_INPUT_ONLY toplevel window to GDK_INPUT_OUTPUT to work around bug in Xorg server

(firefox:7819): Gdk-WARNING **: Coercing GDK_INPUT_ONLY toplevel window to GDK_INPUT_OUTPUT to work around bug in Xorg server

(firefox:7819): Gdk-WARNING **: Coercing GDK_INPUT_ONLY toplevel window to GDK_INPUT_OUTPUT to work around bug in Xorg server
Firefox then starts, but it takes ages till the window display is completed, and then trying to use firefox on the SIMpad is that unbearably slow, that it can not be used seriously.

What can be the reason for that behaviour?
Does anybody have it working properly?
What about the shown two error messages?
Is it possible, that the SIMpad is not powerful enough, to handle such X-Forwarding over SSH on a WPA secured wireless connection?
Or is it possible, that this is some kind of networking problem (like OpenSSH trying to resolve the hostname or FQDN / DNS problem)?

SIMpad forum / Can Somebody Please Update The Minimo Package?
« on: July 18, 2008, 06:40:44 pm »
We are still stuck with minimo_0.02+cvs20070626-r0_arm-oabi.ipk on the SIMpad, whereas development went on, and I've just seen an update to the latest version for OpenBSD.

Sources are to be found here.

SIMpad forum / Request Angstrom Image For Pure Webbrowsing
« on: July 07, 2008, 05:14:20 pm »
Honestly, what else do you do with your SIMpad except surfing the net?

The problem is, we never had a really good webbrowser on the SIMpad. Not with WinCE, not with familiar GPE and OPIE, and now not really with Angstrom as well.

The only "nearly" usable browser is Minimo, and that's what I am using for a while now since familiar. Minimo never was really stable, it's crashing X11 due to a memory leak, if a webpage contains too many or too large images. Strangely, Minimo seemed to work better on familiar, than on Angstrom, although it's quite faster with Angstrom now.

I know, that there is not enough memory on a SIMpad, but would it be somehow possible to get Firefox into a standard size Angstrom SIMpad Image, and to run it with the standard size of RAM?

Any other alternative approach, like Angstrom with OPIE and a recent Konqueror Embedded version?

Anything to come has to be better than GPE + Mimimo, and my dream would be, to be able to use my SIMpad purely for surfing the net incl. Flash support...

SIMpad forum / Simpad Replacement Battery?
« on: June 28, 2008, 12:51:33 am »
I guess, the battery of my SIMpad SL4 died. Its condition degraded very fast recently, and after I had it not on AC power for a week, it doesn't load any more. Strangely the battery monitor shows 100%, no loading going on, and when disconnecting AC power, it turns off immediately, with normal boot on AC power restore.

I already searched on ebay, for "simpad", as well as for "CGA103450", but nothing came up concerning a battery replacement.

I already read some postings, suggesting to fiddle around with mobile batteries and cell replacements, but all that info is quite old.

What's the recommended way nowadays to give it a new life independent of AC power?

SIMpad forum / Any News On Familiar Development?
« on: January 13, 2007, 05:25:12 am »
The site doesn't show any recent news, so is there still someone working on familiar?

I really would like to get WPA working on my simpad, to be able to finally switch my access-point to a securer mode, and v0.8.4 still lacks a useable webbrowser (using minimo under GPE ATM, but that one is barely useable, I'd like to switch back to OPIE, if a recent version of konqueror would be available).

I only use my simpad for webbrowsing, so I can do without all the other apps, I really just need WPA + a useable webbrowser.

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