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Software / Opie-Reader (vC & E) will not load
« on: March 16, 2004, 02:01:24 pm »

I am having a problem running Opie-Reader on my SL5500 with the Sharp 3.1 ROM.  I have run the reader before, and was switching back and forth between it and justreader.  I want to give opiereader another try, but it will not start up for some reason.  When selecing the icon from the menu, it \'clicks\' but eventually goes away, loading nothing.  When running uqtreader from a command prompt, it gives me a dependency error saying it cannot find --] which the output of find / -name shows to be in /home/QtPalmtop/lib/.  Any ideas?


Update - I uninstalled ve, installed version\'d\' -- this version will run if started from a terminal (uqtreader with user Zaurus (not root), but will not start from the launcher. Just curious if this is proper behavior. Thanks again!

Please help, as I am nearly at my wits end.  I have a Netgear MA701 card, SL5500 running the latest Sharp ROM.  Wireless networking is working just fine, as long as a network is present.  Kismet, kismet_qt, etc. all work.  However, I would like to scan using kismet between networks.  My problem is, if no network is present, the card turns itself off.  Is this preventable?  It would be nice if I could turn my WiFi card on, and have it stay on.  I believe I\'ve tried everything but the proper thing

Thanks in advance,

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