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Software / New Zaurus 5500 Questions
« on: June 28, 2004, 04:53:54 am »
I just got a Zaurus 5500 and a wireless CF card. The Two things I would realy like to get working Is Kismet and A Streaming Audio Player (I have a icecast setup, and would like to be able to lission to a live365 radio station) I do not curently have a SD card So I can't use any of the 0 storage 64 ram Rom's  But other wise I am willing to use what ever will work and be the most felexible. I have played with booth OpenZaurus and Sharp Rom 3.10 Have had kismet work under OpenZaurus but haven't been able to stream from my Icecast Server, Closest I have been able to do is use esd in Xmms to forward to the Zaurus Not a good thing when I would like to be able to Lission to my Mp3 Collection from Wireless Hotspots..

Thanks In Advance
New Zaurus 5500 with Netgear 802.11b CF card

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