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General Discussion / connecting via WiFi to Linux
« on: August 06, 2004, 04:20:04 am »
Unfortantly you are abit out of my domain. One of the good things about useing linux is that you can easly SSH home (Or to your Zaurus) while you are connected to your local net. I like SSH becuse you can forward ports From my friends house on a Wireless network I bring up my linux computers samba shares for easy fire transfer .. (Ohh and I had to Open the SSH port in my firewall)

My problem is I don't know how unison works ..  I would sugest looking at the Unison web page (I hope this is the same program it's the only one I could find)

you might need to find /write a Perl or other script to run on your home computer from the shell ...  you might have a multi step task that you will need to try and figure out. start with getting your files to a Directory on you Desktop, and then go from there .

Personly I have never used the cradle that came with my zaurus expept for when I need to have it pluged in and I am curently useing it with out the builtin keybaord in portrait layout. I love my USB 2.0 Card Reader (CF/SD/MS/SMART) and Wireless CF card.

Not shure I helped, hopefuly I got questions going the right way

General Discussion / 4gig cf cards- mount problems
« on: August 06, 2004, 03:48:22 am »
Here is a shot in the dark that hopefully someone can back me up on. I don't have a 4 gb CF drive but I do have a wireless CF NIC and a 256 MB SD, I once had a problem DLing stuff becuse my Main storage memory was close to full ..  or posibly it ran into the bounderies of my interneal memory .. If DLing with your zaurus is a big thing try something like wget or an other program that you can be in more direct control over ..

Zaurus 5500
256 MB SD
128 MB CF
NetGear MA701 CF Wireless
Curently useing TkRom (Still looking for something decent to use)

Software / New Zaurus 5500 Questions
« on: June 28, 2004, 04:53:54 am »
I just got a Zaurus 5500 and a wireless CF card. The Two things I would realy like to get working Is Kismet and A Streaming Audio Player (I have a icecast setup, and would like to be able to lission to a live365 radio station) I do not curently have a SD card So I can't use any of the 0 storage 64 ram Rom's  But other wise I am willing to use what ever will work and be the most felexible. I have played with booth OpenZaurus and Sharp Rom 3.10 Have had kismet work under OpenZaurus but haven't been able to stream from my Icecast Server, Closest I have been able to do is use esd in Xmms to forward to the Zaurus Not a good thing when I would like to be able to Lission to my Mp3 Collection from Wireless Hotspots..

Thanks In Advance
New Zaurus 5500 with Netgear 802.11b CF card

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