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General Discussion / Could Wifi Be Coming To Zaurus Soon?
« on: March 15, 2006, 10:58:42 am »
Seems sharp have been developing very small wifi module.
I wonder what they could do with this?
it's one small step for sharp...

now we need bluetooth + all the other wishlist items and I'll be ready to upgrade.

oops. forget this, take a look at the other topic!

Sharp ROMs / Web Development On Z
« on: January 12, 2006, 10:07:27 am »
Hi all.

I'm a web developer and have managed to do some work on my Z860 in the past using the apache1.3 & mysql 3.2 software installed on cacko 1.22

Times move on and i've upgraded to cacko 1.23 lite and was looking to continue developing sites on my Z. I have found apache2-php5-mysqlclient in the package feed and installed it, that works fine.
So I set off to look for a recent version of mysql (4.1 but preferably 5)..

I managed to find an ipk for mysql 4.1 for pdaxrom, and being the rash kind of guy, installed it.
(you can tell there is a problem coming)
Unfortunately when i tried to run the mysql daemon it complains that it cant find
Once again i did the random hack thing and created a link from to

Obviously this didn't work but did respond with an error about GCC 3. From what i've read Cacko is using gcc 2.95 ? so this installation is never going to work.

So I was wondering whether anyone knew of an ipk for mysql that will install and run under cacko? Like I said I'm a web developer by profession so my compiling skills end just after
make install

Is it possible to compile mysql5 for the Z or is it one of those things that is never going to happen?
As a last resort I may consider switching to pdaXrom, but I've had my 860 for 1 year now (well, 362 days) and as soon as I got it I chose cacko because of Maslovsky's great work and skill.

any help you can give me, even if it's "switch to pdaxrom" will be very much appreciated.

Security and Networking / Connecting To Samsung D500 Phone
« on: October 28, 2005, 08:44:53 am »

I've just got a new samsung D500 mobile phone, and I was wondering if anyone here has been able to connect the zaurus to their phone. I have a c860 runing cacko 1.22 lite.
I mainly want to sync contacts and calendar with KO/PI KA/PI but, also for use as a modem as well (via IR, not bluetooth).

any ideas as to where to start would be greatly appreciated.


UK / Anyone Have Any Uk Roadmaps?
« on: April 10, 2005, 07:50:09 am »

One thing I would like to get working on my Z is a good UK map.
I don't have GPS so that doesn't need to be a priority.
The only thing I have found is zroadmap, but it only has US maps available.

Does anyone have any ideas about this sort of thing?
I know there are maps and software available for other platforms, can the Z read any of these?


Accessories / Cheap Wi-fi Card In Uk
« on: January 23, 2005, 07:53:55 am »

I have just found this wireless cf card on ebuyer.

It's only £22.32 inc VAT so... will it work in my Z 860 with cacko 1.22?
If not, can anyone recommend a good wireless card that I can buy online in the UK.


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