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Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Multiple Issues With 5600 (poodle?)
« on: May 08, 2005, 12:36:55 pm »
I just aquired a used 5600.  I am having serious issues with it.  mostly with system freezes.  sometimes these freezes include the network interfaces.  Sometimes, I can ssh into it when the screen freezes to reboot, sometimes i cant and have to push the reset button.

These freezes have occured when installing packages(usually on linking step), opening programs, closing programs, and when it is just sitting there.  I have not found any persistant logs that might give me a clue whats going on. the only odd error i have gotten is "bus error" on boot, in a terminal, and in a log once.

Each time it freezes it gets a little more unstable.  typically 10-20 freezes (about 45-90 minutes of actual use) makes the root filesystem too corrupt to repair (causing "wrong kernel" or "bus error" on boot) requiring a complete reflash of the OS.

I also am having the freeze on standby issue which i just tried applying the apm_bios fix.  it appears good right now but my current image is at about 50% integrety so i will try it on the next flash.

Also, how do i verify that i am using the pxa255 cpu?  bios reports 250 and /proc/cpuinfo reports 250.  The person i bought it from claims it was the 255.  The 255 image will not bootstrap.   So i can only assume the preivous owner lied/didn't know better.  no biggy really, just mentioned it incase it might help diagnose the problems

Also, VI is currently not working in the built in console.  the display is all screwed up.

I am using 3.5.3 opie images.  I have verified the md5 hash and as i mentioned before have flashed it several times already.

any ideas?  sorry if these issues have surfaced before,  the forum search isn't working for me for some reason.  It keeps giving me "an unknown error has occured, if you know what you did dont do it again, otherwise try again"  or somthing to that effect.

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