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Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Installing Opie
« on: July 23, 2005, 12:13:57 am »
I know just enough to get myself into trouble...

Gleeful with having just succeeded in getting my internet connection to work,  I proceeded to use ipkg to install all of the opie applications in the OZ feed.  I'm not sure what happeneded, but when I rebooted, it said that I had run out of memory, and when it tried to start opie it failed and said "bus error".  Still having a command line I tried to uninstall as much of the stuff as possible, and while this solved the bus error, I don't seem to have opie anymore.  well , I have these packages starting with "opie":

opie-advancedfm-pics - 1.2.0-r0 - Opie Advanced Filemanager
opie-button-settings-pics - 1.2.0-r0 - Device-buttons settings dialog
opie-datebook - 1.2.0-r0 - A datebook/appointment manager
opie-networksettings - 1.2.0-r0 - Opie Network Settings
opie-pics - 1.2.0-r1 -
opie-today - 1.2.0-r0 - Today screen application

on boot up, the Z doesn't try to start opie.  do I have enough of opie to start it manually? do I need to change a boot script?
If not, what packages do I need to install?  The opie and oz websites have been a bit lacking to me thus far.

OZ 3.5.3
opie 1.2 (originally)
usb->en to Mac (10.3)

don't have a cf card so I can't reflash it yet.

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