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Hello all,

I had to remove my SIM from my Cosmo to put it into another phone.
I though I could boot the cosmo without SIM. Well, it asked for my regular unlock PIN, which it accepts, but since then it keeps asking for a Privacy Protection Password and shows the PIN Pad.
I've never set a Privacy Protection Password.
Reinserting my SIM card and booting/rebooting doesn't help.

After days of trying I just tried a factory reset through recovery.
After a very long reboot it asked me for my unlock PIN again and the Privacy Protection Password prompt reappears.

Any tipps, before I ask Planet?


Hello world!

I've had the sad experience that my cosmo only charges very slowly with an external powerbank.
Tried 4 of my powerbanks. All with my two only cables that seem to support MTK-PE.
Cosmo won't charge at more than 0.5-0.6A @ 5V.  Many times that is not enough to keep up with what the phone uses during Hiking when GPS is enabled and Osmand is running.

Only two of my many usb-c cables will allow fast charging (Pump Express) with 9V at all.
The following combinations of my collection do work:
LeEco Cable+Original Cosmo Communicator cable  and  LeEco wall charger (stating 3.8V-8V/12V) + Original Cosmo Communicator wall charger in all four combinations.

I've purchased a Xiaomi PLM13ZM 18 Watt power bank in despair, which was advertised as supporting Mediatek Pump Expess and QC with 5/9/12V.
No luck either with any cable. Charge current is about 0.5-0.6A at 5V.

Does anyone of my fellows here have any insight in how Mediatek Pump Express works?

One of my most pressing questions:  What would such a MTK-PE capable phone like the cosmo communicator do, if I were to FORCE 9V Output from the powerbank, e.g. via a QC trigger board ???????????

I had a surprising experience using my coworker's custom 2m MICRO-USB charge cable with a USB-C adapter tip: It charged at about 8.6V
All my cables with my various USB-C adapter tips didn't work.  I'm totally baffled.
Would anyone please post details of their USB-C cable, if their cable supports Pump Express and is not the original cable?
It would be great bonus, if you even knew a source where to purchase that cable ....

Stay safe everyone! Take things serious! I've had more than enough coworkers and family affected.


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