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Hi all,

I just got my cosmo recently which i ordered with a Cyrillic keyboard.

In the Planet Keyboard app i have the language set to English and they layout set to Russian when using the Configure option.
On the main page of the Planet Keyboard app this seems to set the system Languages to English and Russian which is what i want but i can't get the keyboard to enter Cyrllic characters without having to hold the Alt key.

If i switch the onscreen virtual keyboard to Russian this works for the virtual keyboard but the physicial keyboard doesn't change whether the on screen one is visible or hidden.

To test i tried using the Planet Keyboard app to disable the Use system languages option and manually set it to Russian only and after a full restart this made no difference.
I then tried using the Configure option in the Planet Keyboard app and set the system language to Russian with the Russian keyboard layout and all the GUI updated to reflect this, the virtual onscreen keyboard also switches to Russian by default with the option of changing to English as a secondary, but the physicial keyboard still types in English by default and only enters Cyrillic characters while holding alt.

Does anyone know how to setup the Cyrillic physical keyboard to input Cyrillic characters without having to continually hold alt for non numericals?

Due to the timing of mine arriving i've not been able to update the firmware past V15 yet so hoping this is just a bug.

thanks for any help,

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