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I am interested in selling my Cosmo Communicator: the poor quality keyboard and poor Linux support made the device unsuitable for me, and as a result, it has largely been sitting unused.  It is currently dual booting Linux and Android, both with modifications to workaround key rollover limitations, but I can change the setup to whatever the buyer would prefer.

It has a US English keyboard (not what I ordered...), and is the EUSA model.  It has been fine for me on both US (Google Fi) and EU (Vodafone) networks.  This sale is (at least for now) only for the device itself: I don't think I have the charger or original cable easily accessible to me, as I have consolidated USB-C charging arrangements for all of my devices.

I am asking €400 (or the equivalent in GBP/USD/ETH, all of which I can accept without conversion), plus shipping; I can accept SEPA and a number of other payment methods.  I am currently in Ireland, and can ship to the EU or UK, but will likely be in the US in June and could ship to the US at that point.

I was quite happy when I purchased the Cosmo to see that it was advertised as supporting the Dvorak layout, but in using the layout, there appear to be significant key ghosting problems that make typing at speed (somewhat the point of the device) practically infeasible.

In particular, "the" registers as "thoe", which happens quite frequently, while "ing" registers as "in<UP>g", which is extremely problematic as it disrupts typing flow rather than just resulting in a fixable typo.  I'm willing to devote some time to fixing this, as the usability of the Cosmo is significantly hindered for me without a usable Dvorak layout, and I'd prefer to have a working device rather than having the purchase be a waste because advertised features are broken.  This problem seems like it is something that could be reasonably addressed in firmware, depending upon how key jamming is implemented.

Does anyone know the accessibility of firmware here?  Is this a situation where we are reliant on PC, or worse, the keyboard manufacturer?  I've let PC know about the bug through their bug reporting form, but was wondering if anyone here might know about the openness of the firmware, or other approaches to handling this.

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