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Cosmo Communicator - Linux / How to install UBPorts on Cosmo!
« on: March 10, 2022, 02:39:13 pm »
Hi all!

Due to demand, and the previous post explaining this process becoming confusing - I have made this post. I ask that if anyone has alterations, please do PM me, so we don't clutter this thread, and make it confusing.

Steps to install UBPorts

1) First, download the Linux ZIP archive from Planet:

2) Extract it to the ROOT of your SD card. It is imperative that you do not nest the extracted directory - it should be extracted, with all the top-level files in, where '/' is the mount point, or disk letter of the SD card like: '/cosmo-customos-installer' - that is critical for multi-boot to work. You should also be fully up to date with Android releases (and yes, I know they're old now)

3) Also download the shell script attached to this post, and put it in the root 'cosmo-customos-installer' directory.

4) You will also need to edit the `` file, and add this line:
Code: [Select]
echo "UBPorts,$MBF/" >> $INSTALLER_FILE below the last entry of similar composition. I have attached mine for an example, but don't use it as-is!

5) Then, install Gemian. This can go in any boot slot but be warned wireless connectivity will not work in the RECOVERY_2 slot for Gemian or any ROM. Also bear in mind, that you'll need both UBPorts and Gemian installed to use UBPorts. There are ways around this, but I have yet to test fully.

6) Boot into Gemian, and download the build output from here:

7) When that's finished downloading, extract the ZIP - your '$HOME' directory will do. Now, copy the file 'rootfs.img' from the out directory to '/ubuntu.img'. You will need to use sudo for this.

8) Now, you need to copy the boot image to the 'cosmo-customos-installer'. You can get it from the out directory, or, for your convenience, I have attached mine to this post. UBPorts will not boot with this, as it acts as the kernel.

9) Now you will need to reboot into recovery as per Planet's wiki, install UBPorts once you set up multi-boot, and select the UBPorts option, allowing you to install to a boot slot.

10) Finally, reboot! You should be able to select UBPorts now. The first boot will take a bit of time, as it has to get ready.

Note: This guide is in the Beta stage, I need people to test it, and once it is working, I'll ask Varti or admins to sticky it.

If you have any trouble, you can go to the Cosmo Telegram group/Discord/IRC/Matrix, or for UBPorts-specific things - that is to say, not related to the Cosmo, they have a friendly Telegram group.


Cosmo Communicator - Hardware / Decoding LEDs
« on: November 15, 2021, 05:46:28 pm »
Hi all,

I've taken it upon myself to try and figure out what those darn LEDs mean on the front of the Cosmo!

From my reading of the kernel module written for the LEDs, it uses certain GPIO pins on the Cosmo PCB. It's also commented in mostly Chinese, with some English.

My question to anyone who has somehow managed to extract the PCB (this is a long shot!), and I'm by no means suggesting dismantling your Cosmo *just* for me ;) - but if anyone sees a GPIO pin that says either 'P0' or 'P1', please let me know - either here, or on the Telegram (Cosmo group, no PMs, thanks). I think there are subdivisions of P0 and P1, but without seeing the PCB I have no idea.

It's my intention to document the LEDs too, probably on OESF - if an admin wanted to pin it, that's great! :)


Cosmo Communicator - CoDi / CoDi - experimental new firmware survey.
« on: August 05, 2021, 10:26:49 am »
Hey all,

As you may know, I'm working on an implementation of CoDi, but in Rust, a different programming language to the stock CoDi.

Gotta stress though, this is *experimental*, and I can't say for sure if it'll work, or even be long-term viable. It also depends on my free time as well.

I've created a Google Form to gather feedback about CoDi and ideas for my implementation:

It would be great if those who have a Cosmo have any feedback to submit, it'd help a lot!

All responses will remain anonymous, unless you give your permission otherwise, which is asked at the bottom of the form.


NOTE: This project is NOT endorsed by Planet, nor should Planet be held liable for it. It is a *hobbyist project*.

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