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6000 - Tosa / Anyone have experience using 4GB CF card on SL-6000?
« on: June 07, 2004, 08:04:35 pm »
I\'m using one right now.  Its 1 FAT32 Partition.  I got the Hitachi 4GB Microdrive out of a Muvo.  There are tutorials on how to disasemble the Muvo.  I did, formated it FAT32 and plugged it in.  No probs.  

I\'d recommend it.  Now its not fast...but still faster than this 256mb SD card I have.  

It does take up battery life, but I got the expansion sleeve and now my battery lasts forever.  I\'ve yet to deplete it.

Both are good upgrades, but expensive.


6000 - Tosa / sl-6000 rom
« on: April 12, 2004, 09:08:04 pm »
Just ask me what to do and I\'ll do it.

I think someone already asked me to do just that and I sent that file to his ftp server.

Give me a command and an ftp server and I\'ll send it your way.


6000 - Tosa / SL-6000 touch screen not responding?
« on: April 06, 2004, 08:20:04 pm »
My 6000 click ability has never given me a problem at all.  There is a delay once it come out of suspend, but its less than 5 seconds, more like 3 at the most.  
I sense that SD is faster than my CF.


6000 - Tosa / Sharp CF Expansion Adpator for the SL6000L
« on: April 06, 2004, 08:12:25 pm »
Can you please provide the link on pc-connection?  Its a foregone conclusion for me that I\'ll buy the expansion.  I only see on the pcconnection site a docking station that\'s ~$60.  I need to get that 4gb CF and the 10/100 cf card, with my 256 mb SD chip.


6000 - Tosa / I guess I\'m the first on ZUG to have a SL-6000L
« on: April 04, 2004, 06:08:39 am »
Forgive me but tell me how to verify that setting.  As far as options in the programs are concerned, there is no option to set.

6000 - Tosa / who has bought/preordered a SL-6000 from Amazon?
« on: April 03, 2004, 03:53:55 pm »
I have a HP-48GX and the case that comes with it is perfect.  In fact the case is longer than the 6000, but not wider.  Its perfect.  If you need a really powerful Scientific Calculator then Go hook one up.  I think they have a HP-49 nowadays.


6000 - Tosa / I guess I\'m the first on ZUG to have a SL-6000L
« on: April 03, 2004, 02:57:26 am »
I\'m sorry bud,

I had to kill that link because it quickly gobbled up my bandwidth allocation.  If you e-mail me a ftp server with a u/p I\'ll gladly upload it for you.


6000 - Tosa / I guess I\'m the first on ZUG to have a SL-6000L
« on: April 02, 2004, 02:37:20 pm »
On the CD, there is a folder with about 5 or six .ipk files.  One is the terminal program.  That\'s key.  The other is the filemanager.  I can\'t live without those two.  Once you install the terminal program, be sure to run it once.  Select the font size and the color combo you like.  Then go search for the file: opie-embeddedkonsole_1.5.9-2_arm.ipk  This program allows you to open multiple consoles and its much more robust that the Sharp Term...but it requires the Sharp term.  After you install it, the Sharp Term will be replaced with Konsole.  You will also want to install the OpenSSH server on it.  I do this because I\'m finding it more and more tedius trying to navigate locally on the device.  But  must say, that the options of input are so many.  I really like it.  I wish there was a cut/copy/paste dedicated buttons for the device because they save so much time.  

For all you guys, help me out with this.  When running as \'zaurus\' user.  You know $ prompt.  I have command completion, meaning that I can press TAB to complete my command.  Like I type cd D <TAB> I\'ll get cd Documents
But when I \'su -\' into root, root doesn\'t have command completion.  This REALLY BUGS.  How do I add this functionality.  I didn\'t see anything in the .profile file.  

As for the USB connectors...I haven\'t investigated it further.  I put all the links up there for some expert to determine what was required.  I know that was lazy of me.  Once I purchased the connector, I\'d have to go out and purchase the ext hard drive.  I don\'t have any USB devices to the cable to the PC and the digital camera.  I will order the Trendnet 10/100 CF card.  I simply have to have it for work.  I\'m a network security QA engineer.  I have all these Pix firewalls that I need to do VPN interoperability with.  Sometimes I just need to slap a host behind them to verify the VPN is up and functioning correctly.  I can put the Zaurus behind it and run an ftp and a ping through it.  

Ok that\'s it for an update.  I don\'t like that 2.5mm -> 3.5mm hassle, that\'s for sure.  Oh well.  I wouldn\'t want my Zaurus any bigger.  


6000 - Tosa / SL-6000 and OZ
« on: April 02, 2004, 02:24:46 pm »
I\'ve been getting very comfortable with my 6000L.  I\'ve found compatibility issues and other gripes.  On the Left Hand Side there is a headset plug for listening to music and perhaps a microphone.  It doesn\'t accept a standard stereo plug.  I gotta go looking for something thats a bit smaller.  I tried to run the qpose emulator on my 6000 to get Palm functionality.  It took forever to setup my environment.  Once I was all set, I ran the ROM and my memory overflowed due to lack of space.  So I set out to create a swap.  But the \'swapon\' command in the SL only accepts an \'-a\' flag.  According to:

The swapon command should simply accept a share file location.  But it fails at that point.  I tried downloading the little swap program with a gui and that failed to open.  I\'m prety bummed about that not working.  

but on to bigger and better things.  

I\'m on the OZ mailing list but I can\'t post to it yet, since I can\'t send through that account right now.  But I get the general feeling that its one of those wait and see until you ca get your OZ package for the 6000.  But I\'m willing to try it.  Some people say I should go with the C7XX build of it.  Others say don\'t try it.  Others say that I can recover with the Sharp ROM.  

I\'m down to give it a try, I just would like assurances that I can restore the ROM afterward.  I\'d hate to turn this into a worthless PDA.  I\'ve formated my device once and that happened without incident.  Let me know what I should do and I\'ll report back with how successful it was.


6000 - Tosa / Shipping from pc-connection?
« on: March 30, 2004, 09:08:00 pm »
I purchased from them and I got the L.  I\'m writing this reply on my 6000L, with an IR Targus KB over a wireless connection.


6000 - Tosa / I guess I\'m the first on ZUG to have a SL-6000L
« on: March 29, 2004, 12:33:50 am »

I\'d sure like to try to connect an external 200gb hd to my zaurus if this USB thing works out.

I went to frys today and I got a wireless firewall and a netgear WG511 pcmcia card for my Sager 8890 laptop.  Opera displays this website perfectly, as I am writing this article on my SL-6000.  I can tell I\'m gonna have alot of fun with this device.  Can someone provide my with ~35mb of http space to host the contents of the zaurus cd?  If no one comes forward and you really want it, give me an ftp server and I\'ll put it for you.

Someone has sent me software to QA for them on my Zaurus.  If you have software that you want qualified, I\'d be happy to.  My email address is


6000 - Tosa / I guess I\'m the first on ZUG to have a SL-6000L
« on: March 28, 2004, 05:25:22 pm »
Been looking up Mini-A to Mini-B cables.  

Maybe I should also be looking for Mini-A to standard USB.  But like all sockets, there is a male and female and I\'d hate to get the oppoisite.  On these websites, they don\'t mention what they have.  I\'m going on the presumption that the host is male and the client is female.

Check out these sites:  1.1 compliant
Tones of helpful information on the spec:

Check this:
The OTG supplement adds the mini-A connector pair and the mini-AB receptacle only (no plug). The mini-A and mini-B plugs are keyed so that they can only accept their corresponding receptacles, while the mini-AB receptacle can accept either a mini-A or mini-B plug. OTG also defines two new cables to connect the B-types to the new mini-A. The mini-A receptacle is defined for use in adaptor cables only but could find a niche in small form-factor computers, such as pocket PCs, that may be USB hosts but not adopt OTG.
read more:

Technical diagrams:

Which cable should I get so that I could connect it to other devices.  Would I want to get a Mini-A female -] flat rectangle USB male AND/OR a Mini-A female -] Mini-B Male?

The next important topic will be the Expansion card.  This guy had much better photos than I did. Check it:

Has anyone seen anything in Japan (or the states for that matter) that will fit in here?

I\'ll be getting the 10/100 card so I won\'t be able to fit a CF Flash Drive or that 4GB beauty in there.  It is something I\'d certainly buy.

6000 - Tosa / I guess I\'m the first on ZUG to have a SL-6000L
« on: March 28, 2004, 02:45:42 pm »
I posted pics of the USB port.  I sort of hope mine is busted.  That connector should be Universal, as in USB.  It would really be great to plug things into it, like an external HD as I mentioned earlier.  The pics can be found at:

So I suppose I\'ll be sitting tight with the Sharp ROM for a while then...until the OZ guys get around to porting it.  That\'s too bad...but it could take the sting out of an RMA.  I\'m just hoping that more people jump on board so that we can see what\'s going on.  I also remember someone once saying that one of the benefits of a 6000 was to plug it into a PC by USB would show up on the PC as a hd.  Well, that hasn\'t happened for me yet.  I have used the included util on the CD but the files transfer like it was on a serial cable.  I also notice that even changing directories take a long time through that program.  

I\'ve been installing programs from the SHARP website.  I installed a couple without incident, but I found that the BilliardsZ game once froze it up to the point that I had to reboot.  The filemanager and the file browsers that is part of the rom love to help me create new directories but fail to help me in deleting them.  I got to go into terminal and rmdir there.  

I\'m going to reboot it and get that dmesg for Mickeyl.  For rebooting, I close all my programs and then turn off the unit, then hit the reset button, and then it boots.  Is this the correct procedure?

Today I\'ll get out and get a trendnet (?) 10/100 cf card.  I\'m also really interested in the Targus Universal kb.  Everyone says the network card will work without drivers but there is a driver for the keyboard.  Its an .ipk file if I recall correctly and all those have been working for me.  So I\'ll probably go ahead with it if I can find it.  This is all getting quite a bit expensive, but I know I\'m going to really get the use out of it.  I used to have the Hp48S and GX calculators and I would write lots of programs on it.  Clearly it was Linux that drew me to this PDA, but the fact that it benefits from the latest in technology over whatever those WinCE PDA’s have is just great.  I’m happy with it, I just want my USB to work and I’d like to get OZ working.  

tumnus, Is it correct from your signature that you have installed Suse 9.0 on your PDA?  Holy cow…that would be awesome.  I’d love to install Mandrake 10 Community on mine.  But the sheer size of those distributions I feel might cause some problems.  Anyway, if its true that you installed Suse on your PDA, can you direct me to some resources on the web or from yourself on how to accomplish that.

The USB socket is Mini-USB and it looks just fine.  My male connector is lodged a bit up close to the top of the socket.  I’ve tried to gently move it down, but it keeps its original position.  Take a look at my pics.  I’m sure you’ll say, it should fit just fine.  Which leads me to think that it should.  But trust me guys, I have done everything from easing it in from direct directions and lining it up for a straight in approach.  Everything else can plug into that rear connector on the docking station from the supplied SHARP cable to the cable that came with my camera.  

I want it to work, so I’m willing to RMA for this reason.  Check the pics yourself.


6000 - Tosa / I guess I\'m the first on ZUG to have a SL-6000L
« on: March 28, 2004, 03:19:31 am »
If you\'d like to take a look at the pics I took, check them out:

its a big size file for your hih res enjoyment.  If you want me to take other pics, let me know.  If you post these on other website or websites of your own, reference me, \"Lox Thomson\".


6000 - Tosa / I guess I\'m the first on ZUG to have a SL-6000L
« on: March 28, 2004, 02:16:42 am »
Here is the info you requested

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