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For Sale / Wanted / Zaurus 5500 for £100
« on: October 14, 2004, 04:50:04 am »
It seems 100 Pounds Sterling might be a little steep. Most on eBay go for no more than 150 and that usually includes a camera or WiFi card. Perhaps lowering the price to 83.64 GBP. This is only a suggestion and I wish you the best of luck!


For Sale / Wanted / FS/FT: Sharp Zaurus MI-E1 + Extras
« on: September 19, 2004, 04:47:57 pm »
Up for grabs is a nice (and in fairly good condition) Sharp Zaurus MI-E1 with several extras. This model of Zaurus is not the same as the models sold in the United States/U.K. Below are a listing of the details of what is included, the unit's specs and what I'm looking for.

Pictures available on request.

Also available for trade (either with or without the MI-E1) a Nintendo Gamecube and a Sony Playstation 2 (e-mail me for further details

In this package the user will receive:

1 x Sharp Zaurus MI-E1
- The unit is physcially nice with only minimal usage and wear. The unit powers on and the battery still holds a full charge. The keyboard locks firmly in place and slides down without and problems. All hatch covers are intact.

1 x Sharp Zaurus Metal/Plastic Stylus
-Original Sharp model

1 x CompactFlash Slug
-Keeps dust out of the CF slot.

1 x Zaurus protecting case
-Saem as the one included with the Zaurus SL-5xxx series.

2 x NEW Sharp AD-T51BT Li-on batteries (800mAh)
-One is presently installed in the Zaurus.

1 x Power Adapter
-The power adapter is in excellent condition (what, you want a flowery description of the adapter too  )

1 x Sharp Zaurus Box (original Japanese box)
-Includes all original packing materials

1 x Set of Zaurus Manuals
-Includes the main applications guide, the internet applications guide and the A/V guide. These are, obviously, in Japanese however most of the meaning is easily conveyed. I can also translate any parts that you may need as I speak/read some Japanese. It also includes the pack-in advertisements and a CD full of software.

1 x CE-PK1
-This is the cable for connecting your Zaurus to your computer. This was a seperate purchase and includes a BRAND NEW cable as well as a CD with further software.

1 x Soft slip case
-Protects the Zaurus while in your pocket.

1 x Bonus CD
-I will download and burn drivers, books and other documents that can used on the Zaurus for the new owner. If you have any specific requests, feel free to ask since I may very well be able to provide them. I can also provide model numbers for compatible modems, cameras and LAN cards.

Specifications for Zaurus MI-E1

Processor: SH-3 133MHz
Screen: 65k Colour screen (sidelit)
Memory: 16MB of memory*
ROM: 16MB of memory
OS: Proprietary Japanese Zaurus OS
Expansion: CompactFlash I/II, SecureDigital/MMC, Intrared, Serial/USB connector
Battery Capacity: 2 x 800mAh

Included Software (the approximate English names)
-Book Reader (capable of reading any TXT or RFT file. It needn't be in the Japanese character set)
-Manga Reader (includes a manga of Hamtaro the Hamster)
-Phone Numbers
-Web browser
-World clock
-eMail Inbox
-Paint (comparable to MS Paint)
-MP3 Player
-MPEG-4 Player
-Japanese Dictionary (this dictionary is highly regarded among Japanese students and English speakers who are learning Japanese!)
-TreeFile (An application that allows you to mount your directories more effectively)
-Picture Viewer


So what am I looking for for this unit? Monetarily, you are more than welcome to make an offer, however what I am truly interested in however is an SL-5000D. The reason I am looking for this unit is mainly because I want to tinker with a couple of new Linux applications that I want to try and get working on the wee Zaurus.

You can reply here or fire off an e-mail to I might also considering adding cash to equalize the trade. I would liekly not be able to afford however, a trade for a 5500 and so unless you aren't looking for much  for a 5500, I wouldn't bother (but as I said, I'm willing to haggle and if you are too then we might work something out).

The unit doesn't have to be in pristine condition, provided the keyboard still works and the screen is *relatively* free of scratches. Apart from that it can be sratched to all bloody Hell

Much thanks

(PS Yes! The keybaord is in English and you can type in English with the unit.)

For Sale / Wanted / [WTB] Sharp Zaurus SL-5500
« on: September 02, 2004, 02:32:17 am »
Okay folks,

I've just foudn this wonderful little niche on the Internet and was hoping someone might wanna help me find an SL-5500.

I'm looking for the base unit and (preferably) a WiFi card. Condition matters little (provided the screen is still in good condition and the unit will turn on. Anything else is merely gravy.

Total looking to spend? About 170 + Shipping to Canada (which shouldn't be more than 20-30 bucks).

Let me know what you have and we can try and hammer something out.

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