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Debian / [new] Kernel With Cpufreq
« on: February 13, 2008, 10:26:29 am »
can confirm works great so far on c3000 so far using angstrom and gun-tar from SD

Debian / Running Xdm Breaks Menu And Mice Buttons In Icewm
« on: February 08, 2008, 09:39:31 pm »
Anyone any idea how to fix this one... and Fn + left/right to swap vt's ???
my C3000 is almost-so-close to perfect now ;-)

Debian / On Which Zaurus Model Does Your Debian Run ?
« on: February 07, 2008, 01:36:25 am »
Thanks to zdevil, jpmatrix's post(s) and this forum...

C3000 - Debian Sid OK - Kernel 2.6.23 of Angstrom

thx, been a long time since I had this much fun with my Z :-)

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Graphical Login For Pdaxrom
« on: July 26, 2006, 10:09:26 am »
The ipk is ready. But I'm still having some problems with some apps. An X-session that is compatible with gdm as well as pdaX should be created by someone who knows a lot about x-session-options.
I just got back from a camping trip, so give me a few days.

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Cheers Chero.... hope you had a nice time on your trip, bar your car woes ;-)
I'm happy to test this if you need some more input with the ipk, just let me know.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Graphical Login For Pdaxrom
« on: July 22, 2006, 08:51:57 am »
I've been using gdm for a while now without problems, one question though ->
How do you get it to remember which session was used last time?

I have to chose the session each time, as the default session seems to be gnome which of course fails..

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It should ask you to save the session you choose as the default one, or to leave the current default as it is. At least, that's how it works for me.

I created a new ipk (with all deps) and will upload it asap, but right now I'm testing some other rom, so please be patient.

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Chero, any news on gdm ipk for those of us to lazy to do all the manual stuff  

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Your Best Video Settings For Sl-c3100?
« on: April 01, 2006, 06:20:21 am »
You're *so* damned good Meanie  

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Keep Pdaxrom Alive
« on: April 01, 2006, 06:08:20 am »
I don't mean to come off as overly pushy on this issue but i have decided because of my limited knowlege of linux, this is really the only way i am able to contribute. This is a great product, one that i would purchase if it were available for sale. I use it everyday as part of my business and am pleased with it's performance. I and my family operate an internet cafe and we are using the pdaxrom on three of our machines. No harddrives just live cds and it's working great. If we weren't a lan gaming room we'd run all our machines that way. So, thankyou and definitely keep up the good work.

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I don't mind if I come over as being pushy ;-)
I must admit - I haven't contributed till a couple of days ago after reading this page (but I am relatively new to pdaxrom).
as cycle_55 says - how much would you be prepared to pay to buy this software ? Most of us must have spare cash cos you wouldn't have bought a zaurus if you didn't have some... just think how much $50-100 means to this project and how much you'd spend on other software you 'needed' as much as pdaxrom....
in other words - get your hands in your pockets and thank the devs for making your zaurus such a fantastic bit of kit

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Your Best Video Settings For Sl-c3100?
« on: April 01, 2006, 05:56:52 am »
How do you install it? As simple as installing the IPK?
Almost. According to  this post the ipk installs all the files into /opt/QtPalmtop. As this is not in your $PATH you may want to create a suitable symlink:
Code: [Select]
ln -s /opt/QtPalmtop/bin/mplayer /usr/bin
-- cheers
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Just for clarity's sake, which mplayer version are you using from the cacko feed (bvdd-iwmmxt, bvvd...) ?
Might be handy for other pdaxrom users if we to post a link to it here.


Zaurus - pdaXrom / Announce: New Game Freedroid 1.0.2 - Commodore 64
« on: March 26, 2006, 01:20:19 pm »
Does sound work on this game ? If so can someone tell me what version of sdl-mixer
you have. Game works fine but no sound for me. Gives following error:
Error loading sound-file: Paradroid.ogg
SDL Mixer Error: Module format not recognized
 Continuing with sound disabled
I have sdl-mixer 1.2.5, libogg  1.1.3 installed ???



if anyone else has this issue you need sdl-mixer with ogg support & libs from this post.
Works fine now

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Help Needed Compiling Gphoto2
« on: March 26, 2006, 11:54:51 am »
Thank you both so much for gphoto and gthumb...
zaurus -> usb -> canon powershot g5
it just works, gthumb can see the camera and download the piccies...
what more could I ask

(crappy piccy from phone camera added just to prove the point
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Zaurus - pdaXrom / New Packages Announcement
« on: March 25, 2006, 06:49:06 am »
description: xscrabble
classic scrabble game with AI or network play using multiple X displays from


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Zaurus - pdaXrom / Power Management
« on: March 17, 2006, 11:01:39 am »
The light goes off on my C3000 when battery is full...
Also you can run mb-applet-battery in xfce4 and e17 - you just need the appropriate systray plugin running.
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Hey, could you please elaborate on that? Having the mb-applet-battery in xfce4 would be great!
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just load xfce4 systemtray into your panel and then run mb-applet-whateveryouwant ... they then appear in your panel... busy in work so no time for a lengthier response just now... same principal in e17 - run the systemtray plugin (not sure of exact name from memory... itasks maybe ?) and then run your mb-applets
have a look at screenshot in [a href=\"]this post[/url]
good luck

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Power Management
« on: March 17, 2006, 07:46:29 am »

I reverted back to running the default openbox WM and matchbox components a
day or so ago, for reasons outside the scope of this post.

I see the mb-applet-battery process running.  In fact I just turned on the 6000 to
make sure, and when I did, I noticed the battery meter go from about 75% to 100%
like it was "catching up" to the correct value after being resumed.

Q: How could the mb-applet-battery process affect (control)  the charging light
        while the Z is suspended?
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sorry I wasn't too clear - I'm not suggesting that mb-applet-battery has anything to do with the charging light - simply providing some feedback to this query.
Is there a reason why this does not function on pdaXrom? Is this true for all
the Zaurus models?

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Power Management
« on: March 17, 2006, 05:41:11 am »
That was great info, thanks...

I forgot to ask about the battery charging light.  It seems that when I have power
connected to the SL-6000, when suspended at least, the battery charging light is
always on.  If I remember correctly, and it's been quite a while, but I think when I
got my unit and it was running  the Sharp ROM, the battery light would go off
when the battery was fully charged.

Is there a reason why this does not function on pdaXrom?  Is this true for all
the Zaurus models?

Thanks again for any info,  John
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The light goes off on my C3000 when battery is full...
Also you can run mb-applet-battery in xfce4 and e17 - you just need the appropriate systray plugin running.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Power Management
« on: March 14, 2006, 06:57:53 pm »
Chero, while I'm on about xfce4-panel, can you tell me how I can fix/configure stuff in the
--- include ---            system
menu entry in xfce4-menu's ? It works fine except games & system settings get mixed up (oh and no icon on 'other' submenu) - see screenshot
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